Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live Ask Little Kids What The Best Country In The World Is

Being unexpectedly interviewed for television can’t be easy, and even the most composed can easily become flustered when faced with a camera. Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live loves to use people’s nerves against them in some of his segments, in which he sends a camera crew to the streets to ask misleading questions of the public. His latest such segment saw a crew asking kids for their thoughts on the greatest country in the world. Out of the mouths of babes can come the greatest truths, so check out what these kids had to say!

Jimmy Kimmel’s idea of asking kids about their favorite country in the world seemed a bit out of nowhere, and his rationale was thin at best. Once the segment hit the airwaves and featured kids trying to distinguish between states and cities and countries, however, it really didn’t matter why the question had been asked. The kids were funny without looking silly.

I’m not sure which answer is my favorite. A majority of the kids thinking that California is a country was pretty adorable, but I’m partial to the girl who chose France because of all of the poodle options. I definitely can’t blame the youngster who was tempted by Australia when faced with the possibility of every kid getting a koala bear, and I can’t help but respect the young man who couldn’t come up with an answer. It’s not a question that can always be answered lightly, even by those who think that Michigan is a sovereign nation.

Normally, I’d question why anybody would willingly be interviewed on the streets by a crew from Jimmy Kimmel Live. The appeal of possibly making it onto a nationally broadcast show is certainly understandable, but Kimmel and Co. usually have an angle to their questions that isn’t exactly designed to give a flattering five minutes of fame. In this case, however, parents could probably expect that their kids would be presented more adorably than embarrassingly.

The same can’t always be said for adults who often appear in these segments. Whether they’re being tricked into claiming to have seen fake Super Bowl commercials, fooled into believing that the oldest iPhone is actually the newest iPhone, or hoodwinked into believing that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, most folks can count on questions that aren’t altogether straightforward in a street interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel is also known for his pranks that go down off the streets. After all, he is the instigator of the infamous segment that features parents capturing their kids on video after claiming to have eaten all of their Halloween candy. Children are always sure to provide funny interviews, so it's probably a safe bet that Kimmel will talk to kids again before long.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

Laura Hurley
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