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After taking a few weeks off, Legends of Tomorrow is returning this Thursday to begin the latter half of its first season. Much like what Arrow and The Flash have done when they’ve been gearing up for a big return, The CW released a new Legends of Tomorrow trailer that not only gives a glimpse at what’s coming this week, but multiple episodes after that, including our first look at DC’s favorite cowboy and a tech upgrade for Ray Palmer, a.k.a. The Atom. Take a look!
As the mission to defeat Vandal Savage continues, the team of “legends” will continue traveling to different time periods, including the furthest back they’ve gone so far: the Wild West. While in the small town of “Salvation” in “The Magnificent Eight,” they’ll run into Jonah Hex, played by Johnathon Schaech. Schaech’s version of the badass gunslinger naturally retains the trademark uniform and deformed face from the comics, and as you can tell from his comments in the saloon, he has the badass personality down. We also get a scene of Hex punching Rip in the face aboard the time ship, which, to be fair, Rip probably did deserve. Legends of Tomorrow’s Hex already has experience with time travel when he meets the protagonists, and while Schaech has only been announced for the one episode, it’s possible we’ll see more of him later on traveling with the team.

Legends of Tomorrow Jonah Hex

Another peculiar scene in the trailer comes when the team finds giant footprints on the surface of something, and immediately after noticing this, the team hears and feels something walking on their ship. This moment isn’t touched on again until the final seconds of the trailer, when Ray is plugged into a weird contraption and tells Jax to stand back…no, farther than that. We then see Jax looking up as Ray grows, and while it isn't made clear whether the footprints from earlier come from Ray or a different person who obtained future A.T.O.M. technology, Ray’s suit now has a cool, new function. It’s funny: Ray debuted as The Atom on Arrow months before Marvel’s Ant-Man hit theaters last year, and now only a month before Scott Lang turns into Giant-Man in Captain America: Civil War, Ray is also reaching new heights, literally.


Among the other treats seen in this trailer, Ray also visits Felicity Smoak (who is still in her wheelchair, despite having regained her ability to walk on Arrow). We also see a younger version of Arrow’s Quentin Lance who still has his hair, the previous Ra’s al Ghul with his daughter Talia (the more well-known of the al Ghul sisters in the comics) in the ‘50s, a mysterious woman hired by Martin Donovan’s Zaman Druce to hunt down the “legends” (perhaps this is Chronos) and Jewel Staite as Rachel Turner, a roboticist from the future who is related to one of the "legends" and whose tech will end up aiding Vandal Savage. All this, and more unseen goodies, will be enough to keep the team busy until the Season 1 finale, but even then, it won’t be the end of this insanity, as the show has been renewed for Season 2.

Legends of Tomorrow returns this Thursday with "Left Behind" at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.