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Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and when the videos were released, NBC hadn't posted the opening monologue, which had Gordon-Levitt trying to steal Channing Tatum's Magic Mike thunder by doing his own striptease. Check out the video ahead!

The monologue got off to an ok start, but really took off when Gordon-Levitt decided to do some dancing, accompanied by a couple of the SNL male cast-members. It's raining (funny) men!

The Ashton Kutcher comment near the beginning of the monologue seemed a bit outdated, but Gordon-Levitt more than made up for it when he broke out the sweet dance moves. My favorite part is when Bobby Moynihan pulls off his vest and he has another vest underneath it. That one is just ahead of Gordon-Levitt spilling the audience-member's drink as he dance-humps her.

Watch the rest of the episode's video's here.

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