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Watch Melissa McCarthy Bust Out Colors Of The Wind In Best Lip Sync Ever

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon re-popularized the lip sync battle just a few years ago. At this point, the format has blown up to include a TV show on Spike and plans for more shows internationally. However, that doesn’t mean a Tonight Show guest can’t still wow us with an incredible performance. Last night, Jimmy Fallon returned to the format, bringing Melissa McCarthy along for the ride. After a few cute songs, McCarthy pulled out all of the stops with the Disney classic “Colors of the Wind.” Catch her performance, below.

Before the track starts, Melissa McCarthy put on the type of safety glasses that kids have worn in science classrooms across the country for years. We obviously had no idea where this was going, at first, but McCarthy went ahead and shared the fact that she was about to do “Colors of the Wind,” a choice that was actually more surprising than Fallon’s rendition of Melanie’s “Brand New Key.” Then, the wind in the room picked up and colored feathers began flying around, as did rain and even a giant plush bird and wolf. Eventually, the performance got even more obscure, with bits of glitter and newspaper flooding the stage.

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Between Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and Spike’s big TV series, we’ve seen some pretty wild “Lip Sync Battle” segments before. There was that time Stephen Merchant wore chaps and that time Anne Hathaway totally created an actual wrecking ball to ride for her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Even early on in this week’s battle, Jimmy Fallon put together a whole gag about getting a pair of brand new roller skates and not being able to skate well, rolling around the stage while he lip synced Melanie’s famous song about rollerskates.

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These are all really great moments. But I don’t see how anyone could really top swallowing glitter and getting smacked in the face by a giant wolf all for the sake of a two-minute joke. Plus, the fact she chose a Disney song rather than a classic rock or rap track really bumps the unexpected factor up a notch or two.

There are enough lip sync battles coming together at this point that the market is pretty saturated with the segments. Regardless, this Pocahontas song rendition goes a long way to prove that even when there is a lot of something on the market, a truly glorious lip sync can still stand out from the pack.

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