Have you been wondering what Psy has been up to lately? Has he been lost amidst a sea of Harlem shaking? Or just lost at sea? Jimmy Kimmel found the Korean singer during his special post-Oscars episode Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aft the Oscars. The "Gangnam Style" rapper starred in his own segment, "Life of Psy," which had him facing off with a very angry tiger. Check it out ahead.

Ang Lee's Life of Pi scored a number of Oscars last night, including Best Director. Think the sequel Life of Psy could do just as well? Somehow, I'm doubtful, but Jimmy Kimmel imagined such a follow-up during last night's episode of the ABC late night talk show, and here's the video, which features a guest appearance by none other than Psy, himself.

So, does this mark the official end to the Psy videos? Seeing the rapper get his head taken off by an irritated tiger who has clearly had enough Gangnam Style seems to indicate that the craze is on the way out, if it hasn't already been cast out to sea.

Last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was fully focused on movies and the Oscars, and - in addition to the Life of Pi spoof - featured the sequel to Movie: The Movie, the goofy fake movie trailer celebrating film. If you haven't seen it yet, watch Movie: The Movie 2V here.

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