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Following the AFC Championship game, the accusations against the New England Patriots started flying, and the scandal, entitled DeflateGate is investigating why 11 out of the 12 game balls that the Patriots provided were under-inflated about 2 pounds per square inch. Well, under-inflated footballs may not seem like a huge deal, but the past week, the internet blew up, taking the offensive, and calling out the NFL team as cheaters. So, NBC’s Saturday Night Live made sure to put their two cents in on the controversy in their cold open. Watch as they get to the bottom of the Patriots DeflateGate:

SNL settled the debate once and for all, and called out the “real brains behind the operation”. But first, they had to get down to the important question: did Tom Brady touch the balls? The opening starts with Kenan Thompson on ‘Inside the NFL’ who cracks the joke that yet again the NFL is facing a scandal right before the Super Bowl, but this time it actually has something to do with football. Thompson then shows the live feed from Gillette Stadium where Patriots coach Bill Belichick is holding a press conference.

Obviously you can’t parody Belichick without making some sort of comment on his outfit choice (for those of you who don’t know him, he is always sporting sloppy cut-off hoodies, and never dresses up). He then throws Tom Brady, his quarterback under the bus, and when Brady comes out, the press go wild, asking him if he really did it. To which Brady plays dumb, extra dumb, with lines like, “I wasn’t even aware footballs could be inflated or deflated” and “I’m not a science computer… isn’t that what you call it. I don’t even know.”

It is a pretty hilarious representation of the young quarterback who is known for yes his crazy QB skills out on the field, but also for his good-looks and being married to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. During Belichick's introduction of Brady he even states:
”I never really trusted the guy. Someone that good-looking and rich … you’ve seen American Psycho

But, Brady continues to play it dumb, real dumb, until he hands it over to the "real brains behind our entire operation”, the assistant equipment co-manager Dougie Spoons. And that’s when SNL gets down to the answer. Spoons teases his tampering by stating:
“You can’t handle the truth. We live in a world that has balls. And those balls have to be inflated by men, with pumps.”

To which he finally concludes that “you’re damn right i did” deflate the balls. Thank you SNL, for finally shutting this case. We’ve seen sources giving different information about DeflateGate left and right, and now we finally can conclude it was all in the hands of Dougie Spoons.