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Ok, I was looking forward to Torchwood: Miracle Day but after seeing the latest trailer, I’m categorizing myself as intrigued and genuinely excited for it. Even if you’ve never seen the series before, this video is worth checking out.

Never saw (or heard of) Torchwood? Here’s what you need to know before watching the trailer. The series is a spin-off to the popular British sci-fi show Doctor Who and follows a small team of people who hunt aliens and scout out supernatural incidents. Torchwood: Miracle Day is technically the fourth season of the series, though it’s the first season to air on Starz. I'm told by a reliable source that of the first three seasons, Season 3 (Children of Earth) is recommended viewing in preparation for the upcoming Miracle Day premiere.

Torchwood: Miracle Day begins with a day when no one dies. You’ll get a better idea of the extent of that in the trailer and see some interesting ways people can not-die.

John Barrowman (who plays Jack) and Eve Myles (Gwen) are both on board to star in Miracle Day along with newcomers Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose and some others, including some great guest stars (Wayne Knight and Ernie Hudson among them!).

I’ve seen the first two seasons of the series, which is actually more seasons than I’ve seen of Doctor Who. I’m sort of trying to save Children of Earth for when it’s closer to July. Regardless of whether or not I can hold out much longer, I’m on board with Torchwood and after viewing the trailer below, I can’t wait for Miracle Day.

Non-death by lethal injection and impalement doesn’t look like fun. Also, random aside: I love Jack’s smile after he suggests removing the head.

Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres July 8th on Starz.