Eve Myles Comments On The Status Of Torchwood Season 5

Just last night I was wondering aloud whether we’d see Torchwood back on television at some point this year. Today, an interview with series star Eve Myles made its way online that answers that question. Unfortunately, the news is not good, though Myles sounds hopeful that the series will return in some form or another.

The BBC sci-fi series Torchwood made the jump to the U.S. and premium cable last summer with the fourth installment in the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood: Miracle Day. While the change in location and general tone of the series took some getting used to, as a fan of the show, I doubt I’m alone in hoping we do see some continuation of it, whether it be on Starz or BBC America. There hasn’t been much news on the status of Torchwood Season 5, however, from what Eve Myles told Cult Box, it sounds like the show is on hold for the time being.

According to Myles, “everything’s still very much on hold” for the show. She references circumstances in showrunner’s Russell T. Davies’ personal life, which might be the reason for the delay. It may also be work related. Last year Den of Geek posted a story on the status of Torchwood Season 5, which said Davies was working on a show for Showtime called Cucumber, which may have been keeping him busy. Months earlier, ScreenRant posted comments from Starz CEO Chris Albrecht saying, "Torchwood is not one of the shows we went into thinking about a yearly return. [Davies] has a lot of things on his plate. If Torchwood is at the top of his list, that will affect the future of Torchwood."

So it seems like the ball may be in Davies' court. Either way, from what Myles says, she and fellow star John Barrowman are on call to return to the series if and when the show picks up again.

John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.

While it’s good to know the two stars are on board to return, it doesn’t sound like Torchwood will be back at all this year...

Nothing’s going to happen in 2012, I know that much for sure. But who knows what will happen in 2013. Maybe a movie, to kinda draw a line under it.

The comment about the movie sounds like more of a passing suggestion, and one that seems to indicate that the series might be headed toward wrapping up, if it hasn’t already. Myles spoke more of closure by saying...

"That’s the thing about Torchwood, every series we’ve changed our format. We’ve always had a gap in between, so fingers crossed, because we’ve got such an outstanding loyal fan base. They deserve Torchwood to go ahead with something else to draw a line under it, for the fans to have a bit of closure.?

Fans are likely to be used to a lengthy gap between seasons with Torchwood, however the wait might be more tolerable if we knew for sure that the show was coming back in some form or another. From Myles’ comments, it sounds like nothing is certain on that front, but she’s up for returning, which is good as it’s very hard to picture the series without her (or Barrowman for that matter).

You can read the full interview at Cult Box here.

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