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Michael Rooker is back to his walker-fighting ways. You can watch him get back in action in this clip below:

Okay, so if you've watched the video, you'll notice this is not a clip from AMC's hit series The Walking Dead. This is actually a clip from a web series starring Rooker called Driving Dead. Since December 18, there have been 881 deaths on Illinois roadways, so to combat the large number of deaths on the roads, the Illinois Department of Transportation has started the web series. Driving Dead, which stars Michael Rooker (minus the knife hand he wielded as Merle), basically uses walkers to teach people about the dangers of various driving hazards like drunk driving and driving without a seatbelt. Of course, the message behind the Driving Dead series is fairly obvious, with the characters making sure to tell one another to buckle up prior to driving, and the long lecture about drunk driving fatalities.

Basically, the Illinois Department of Transportation is officially the coolest government department out there, utilizing zombies and Michael Rooker to teach us about safety on the road. Because really, it might be the zombie apocalypse, but it doesn’t mean that the rules of safety on the road don’t apply (we’re looking at you, Carol, always look both ways before you cross).

Speaking of The Walking Dead, there will be spoilers ahead, so heads up if you aren’t caught up on the zombie drama.

It is certainly nice seeing Michael Rooker back in the land of walkers. We haven’t seen Rooker face off with zombies since his character, Merle’s, very tragic death at the hands of the Governor (and then his reanimated corpse was gut-wrenchingly put down by his brother, Daryl). Of course, the Driving Dead gang would have a thing or two to say about Merle’s death. If you remember, prior to facing off with the Governor, Merle was drinking rather heavily while driving to meet up with the Governor. Hopefully on his run with Driving Dead, Rooker’s character can make some safer choices--and a happier ending.

Driving Dead is a pretty creative idea, bringing in bits of pop culture into the very present dangers of driving recklessly. Unlike a lot of driving safety programs, Driving Dead is actually recommended for viewers that are 18 or older, not kids. As I said before, the transition from zombie-fighting to discussing the dangers of drunk driving might come off a bit awkward and heavy-handed, but I have to applaud the Illinois Department of Transportation for attempting to reach an older audience with the very real threat of driving drunk or driving without a seatbelt.

Right now, there are only two episodes in the Driving Dead series. You can like the Driving Dead facebook or subscribe to the Youtube channel to be sure you catch the latest safe-driving, zombie-slaying adventure in the Driving Dead web series.

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