Watch The Weirdest Act In America's Got Talent History

America’s Got Talent has aired on NBC for a whopping 11 seasons now, and fans have seen a slew of wild—and also occasionally awesome—acts over the years. I, for one, have seen more things regurgitated on that show than I ever expected. This week, however, the series premiere introduced us to an act that is probably the weirdest yet. The good news, he also lands in the awesome category. Check out the boy with the tape face, below.

It’s hard for a person to speak when they’ve duct-taped his or her mouth shut, as the boy with the tape face did. That didn’t stop Howie Mandel from attempting to ask him questions about his act, however. Obviously, with the tape over his face, the contestant did not respond to Howie, making the whole exchange extremely awkward. The audience was antsy, waiting to see what the heck was going on, which is almost never the best way to start a performance.

However, it soon became clear that Tape Face was actually a comedic mime who used very basic props to get people laughing. His act was very simple, at one point only including oven mitts with eyeballs glued on.

tape face

I know, I know, between the tape and the heavy eyeliner, he looks like someone you wouldn't try to make eye contact with on the street. Or maybe someone you would make eye contact with just so you could raise one eyebrow. However, he's really just a romantic dude with a great sense of body language. The segment got better than the oven mitts, too, when Tape Face pulled a red dress out of his bag and used it as a prop for an amazing bit set to "Lady in Red." Eventually, people in the audience even stood up and gave the guy a standing ovation. If you haven't watched it, yet, it's pretty incredible. What are you waiting for?

Unsurprisingly, the guy got through to the next round. The real concern, now, is whether or not he has the ability to escalate on the oven mitt bit. Usually, America's Got Talent contestants will start small and will continue adding tricks to their repertoire as they advance in the competition. I feel oven mitts are about as minimal as Tape Face could possibly go, however, so hopefully he has more up his red sleeve. No matter how long Tape Guy manages to keep lasting, he made a killer impression with his strange and wonderful act this week.

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