Watch The Workaholics Guys Rock Out As Best Friends On Conan

Did you know Adam DeVine can sing? Well, if you've seen Pitch Perfect, you do, but fans of Workaholics may not have been aware, which might have been why Conan O'Brien decided to bring the subject up during his interview with the cast this week in anticipation of the series' Season 4 premiere. This led to an airing of grievances for Blake Anderson, who plays Blake Henderson in the Comedy Central series, as Anderson pointed out that they're supposed to be there to talk about teh show, not DeVine's singing abilities. And that led into a rocking musical performance featuring Anderson and DeVine. Because if you can't hug it out through song, does the friendship have any chance?

I mean, Conan did shift the subject away from Workaholics and onto DeVine's non-Workaholic-related singing abilities and involvement in the excellent a cappella-focused comedy Pitch Perfect. Anderson had a point. But DeVine had an even better comeback. A song and tribute to his best friend. His loyalty and appreciation for his fan is clearly equal to his singing abilities. Everybody wins. I think things really take off right at the point where DeVine gets rough with the centerpiece:

best friends gif

But back to Workaholics, as mentioned, the Comedy Central comedy returned last night for its fourth season. Here are a couple of clips from the episode.

And you can watch more clips from last night's Season 4 premiere of Workaholics over at Or you can watch a Pitch Perfect highlight below:

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