Who needs to watch the Super Bowl these days? All the commercials hit the internet before the big game ever starts it seems. So unless you really like football, or you really like Madonna, or both – if such a person exists - you can simply check out the Super Bowl commercials right now and be done with it. The latest to be released is Elton John hawking Pepsi.

The Pepsi commercial hit the internet today and features Elton John as a King in some serious Queen boots, playing soup Nazi with cans of Pepsi in a sort of X-Factor-esque talent competition for the rights to drink the soda. And speaking of X-Factor, who should show up but the talent show’s winner from the first season, Melanie Amaro, to put Sir Elton in his place. And his place is apparently in the dungeon with none other than…well, you’ll see. As for a Super Bowl halftime show I’d tune in for, how about Elton John vs. Madonna UFC style, having it out once and for all? He can even wear those boots, his heels might higher than hers.

Melanie Amaro won the starring role in Pepsi's Super Bowl ad when she took the top prize in Fox's singing competition last year.

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