As adorable as Phoebe is on Friends, I think I prefer Lisa Kudrow when she’s playing someone far less likable. Her roles in Easy A, and one of my favorite underrated TV comedies, The Comeback, are prime examples of Kudrow being funny through the emotional flaws of her character as opposed to just quirky eccentricity.

While Web Therapy’s lead character Fiona Wallice doesn’t appear to be quite as uptight and tense in front of the camera as Valerie Cherish was in HBO’s brilliant but short-lived The Comeback, Kudrow does appear to be bringing that same semi-oblivious, self-absorbed shtick to this new role, which she not only stars in but also co-created and produces. Web Therapy follows a therapist who’s looking to simplify her practice and minimize the amount of time it takes to give them treatment by condensing their sessions into 3-minute video chats.

Set to appear in the show are Victor Garber, Lily Tomlin, Rashida Jones, and Jane Lynch, among others.

Web Therapy premieres Tuesday, July 19th at 11:00 p.m. et/pt on Showtime.

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