Weeds: The Complete Collection Will Hit Blu-ray In November

Jenji Kohan may have found success with a new program and a new television platform with Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, but she’s still probably most famous for Weeds, a Showtime original drama that offered numerous seasons of dark comedy and an insight into the business of pushing pot out into the universe. The series had its ups and downs over the years, but managed to end on a practically perfect note, and just in time for the holidays, Lionsgate Home Entertainment has plans to bring Weeds: The Complete Collection into homes.

For eight seasons, we spent time with former housewife, mother, and drug peddler Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker), a complicated female character with tenacity and willpower who spends a lot of time trying to maintain her social status and make a good living for her children, often at the expense of actual parenting. Weeds switches locations and occasionally hops through time during the course of the series, but for the most part it features an interesting portrait of a family filled with a slew of individual personalities and off-the-rail narratives.

Weeds box art

Soon, fans will be able to relive the entire series with Weeds: The Complete Collection, which will be available on Blu-ray beginning on November 5. The 16-disc set will come with a ton of brand new bonus features, but what is really fetching about the set is the glowing acrylic case that will set The Complete Collection apart from the other Blu-ray sets on your shelf.

If you are excited about new bonus features, a cast roundtable will be included, and hopefully, we’ll get to hear from actors like Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon, and more, as they all played big roles in the series during the course of the show. A second segment will be entirely devoted to Nancy’s promiscuity during the series, which led to four husbands and the creation of a baby with a Mexican drug lord. I’m not sure the bonus features will be the best I’ve ever seen, but if you are into the series, they will probably be worth a perusal.

The set retails for $119.97, but is currently available for pre-order over at Amazon at a more reasonable price. If you already own several seasons of the series, it may not be worth it to repurchase the full narrative on Blu-ray, but if you are a fan who loves the series enough to re-watch episodes, the Weeds: The Complete Collection is also the definitive collection, and for eight seasons of TV, it isn’t all that steeply priced.

Weeds: The Complete Collection New Bonus Features

  • "Pot Circle: Weeds Cast Roundtable" featurette
  • "They Came, They Smoked, They Left" featurette
  • "Nancy's Sexcapades" featurette
  • "Suburban Black Widow" featurette
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