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I love Wegmans. This isn’t actually the first time I’ve spoken about it at TV Blend. As a non-native to the Central New York area, I may be especially appreciative of what the supermarket chain has to offer in terms of pricing, quality and variety by comparison to other supermarkets. Even if you aren’t from the Central New York area, or one of the other areas where a Wegmans is available, you may actually be at least a little bit familiar with the supermarket. Those who watch NBC’s The Office regularly may have seen Wegmans brand food among the props on the series, whether you noticed them or not.

Wegmans is making headlines today over some controversy regarding the ads they were running, which featured Alec Baldwin. The commercials were apparently pulled by the supermarket chain following Baldwin’s well publicized spat with American Airlines after they kicked him off a plane when he refused to put his electronic device away when asked to. According to CNYCentral.com, Wegmans initially pulled the commercials from television after “a few dozen complaints.” The site includes a quote from someone at Wegmans stating that they take their consumer feedback to heart. However now it looks like they're is going back on their decision and are set to run the ads again, following even more complaints from customers. Here’s what Wegmans Director of Media Relations Joe Natale had to say on the matter today...
"Clearly, many more people support Alec, as evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of tweets, emails, and phone calls we have received. We enjoyed working with Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, and would do it again. We appreciate all the kind things they have said about Wegmans and respect the good work they do for communities."

So those who were offended by Baldwin’s behavior last month, and live in an area where Wegmans' advertising airs on television will have to endure Baldwin’s commercials. From the sound of it, if this is at all damaging to Wegmans, it will likely be to a lesser degree than the backlash Lowes has experienced since pulling their advertising from TLC’s All American Muslim reality series.

Here’s a video posted by Wegmans back in 2010 that includes a clip from Letterman featuring Alec Baldwin talking about Wegmans in Central New York. It also includes Baldwin and his mother in a Wegmans ad, which includes a mention of the $6 meals in the prepared-food section. It starts at about the three minute mark...

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