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Valentine’s Day is usually one filled with chocolates, flowers, and love. Well this year is a little different as the typical color red will also be used to represent bloodshed. AMC’s megahit The Walking Dead returns today, Valentine’s Day, and the midseason premiere “No Way Out” is promising to be full of old fashioned zombie violence. One of the big questions for the back half of Season 6 is what will happen to Daryl Dixon? Actor Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow wielding biker, recently opened up regarding his character’s arc for the remainder of the season:
There’s so much chaos happening in the second half. As far as Daryl is concerned, he is pissed off. He’s had his stuff taken from him. He put himself out there and trusted some people, and it did backfire on him, and I think he comes back super pissed off. There’s a lot of that element for me. I mean, I know you know the bad guys that are coming. It’s been announced and well displayed for everyone to see, but there’s definite surprises coming with all of that, and you know, it’s battle time.

Anyone else excited? Norman Reedus’ statement, which comes to us from EW, somehow achieved the impossible: it made me even more excited for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. It looks like nice guy Daryl might be on his way out for the rest of the season. And with so many threats on the horizon, that might be exactly what the group needs.

We’ve seen quite the character arc from Daryl through The Walking Dead’s six seasons. His introduction in Season 1’s “Tell It To The Frogs” made him seem like someone the rest of the Atlanta group only tolerated and possibly feared. The idea of telling Daryl that Merle was left in Atlanta was something no one wanted to do, because the squirrel killer was such an undesirable. 

Things quickly began to change in Season 2 as Daryl began to look after Carol. He was insistent that Sophia was alive, and was determined to find the girl. He began to take a leadership position in the group and developed bonds with Beth and baby Judith. This is where Rick finally declares that he think of Daryl as a brother. Cue the waterworks from everyone watching. And upon arrival at Alexandria, he opens up to fellow outsiders Aaron and Eric forming a surprising unit with the couple. 

Well, from Norman Reedus’ statement, it appears we’re going to see an older, angrier Daryl. He tried to help Dwight and his group, and after saving their lives they robbed him of his bike, pride, and most importantly his crossbow. Now the Saviors appear to take what little he has left, and there’s no way he’s going to let it slide this time. 

The Walking Dead, complete with a pissed of Dixon, returns tonight to AMC.