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If you’re anything like us, then chances are you finally just started breathing again after last night’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead. Rick and the rest of the Alexandrians have found themselves in some pretty dire straits, but Season 6 is only halfway finished. As we enter the typically agonizing midseason break, the wait has been made more excruciating by promises of extreme drama when the show returns.

On the midseason finale of The Walking Dead’s companion series Talking Dead, host Chris Hardwick read a message from current Walking Dead show runner Scott Gimple regarding the next half of Season 6:
We will be wooing you with the weirdest of Valentine's Day gifts: chaos, terror, heartbreak, heroics, tragedy, and terror. Yes, that's two terrors. Friends, in all seriousness, episode nine is one of the biggest episodes we've done. Greg [Nicotero] and the astounding crew made magic. We cannot wait to show you February 14. Make sure your television boxes are in good operating condition and install safety belts on your couches. This one is gargantuan. Some people give candy, flowers, and/or hilariously themed teddy bears but this Valentine's Day we're giving you The Walking Dead midseason premiere.

So it looks as thought feelings of love and romance may be supplanted by terror and agony this coming Valentines Day. The Walking Dead midseason finale proved something of a slow burn, leaving audiences on a cliffhanger for the real action that’s about to begin. Gimple’s words still remain ambiguous, making it difficult to tell exactly what’s going to happen; all we know for sure is that they incite a definite sense of dread for the survivors.

Warning: Major Spoilers From The Comics Below

Fans of The Walking Dead graphic novel likely recognized the events that occurred last night during the midseason finale – particularly the final moments of the episode. As the group begins to wade into the horde of zombies that had invaded Alexandria, Jessie’s son Sam fearfully whispers to his mom. In Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel, the plan to sneak through the horde went wrong when the walkers began to notice Jessie’s son – Ron in this case – and attack. While being attacked, Jessie didn't let go of Carl’s hand, so Rick ultimately chose to hack her arm off in order to save his own son, leading to her death at the hands (and teeth) of the walkers. The events of the series have not necessarily followed the comic beat for beat, so it remains to be seen if the series will go this route; Jessie was holding Carl’s hand in the finale however, so some version of these events may indeed transpire.

Everyone behind The Walking Dead has done an annoyingly proper job of maintaining the series secrets so far, so odds are we won’t know for sure what happens until it plays out on our screens. The Walking Dead returns on February 14, 2016. Here's when your other winter favorites are returning.