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What The Tales From The Crypt Reboot Is Changing

When TNT announced last week that they were rebooting the early ‘90s cult phenomenon Tales from the Crypt, horror fans from all over rejoiced. Now, though, it looks like TNT, and executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, have some big plans for changing the style of the beloved show.

A new report from Bloody Disgusting says that the revitalized terror fest will do without the infamous Crypt Keeper (voiced by actor John Kassir). Tales from the Crypt will instead be hosted by a creepy old guy with a cane who wears a hood and warms his old bones by a fireplace. This sounds much like a combination of the original Crypt Keeper from the EC Comics title that the show has always been based on, and another continuing character from the comics, The Old Witch.

If you weren’t a fan of the show in its HBO days, know that this change will be a major letdown for people who loved the series. The Crypt Keeper was the thing that really made the show a singular experience. He also helped to connect the anthology show’s episodes in a totally unique way, seeing as how he was a puppet of a rotting man with eyeballs. The HBO version of the Crypt Keeper became the unofficial mascot for the show, since he was the only thing that appeared in each episode. Unfortunately for us, The Crypt Keeper was designed exclusively for the HBO version of the series and is, therefore, owned by HBO. Meaning that even if TNT did want to use that dearly adored puppet, they’d likely have to pay a pretty penny for him.

It’s no surprise that John Kassir, the voice of the HBO Crypt Keeper, is upset at this news.

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Lots of fans of the original show are having serious doubts about the new M. Night Shyamalan version, as well.

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It would be fair to say that this news is making people give up on the new Tales from the Crypt months before it even airs. Word is also swirling that the new show will abandon the anthology style, with different stories each week, and instead take an American Horror Story style, with one story being told over the 13-episode season. And, that’s sure to annoy fans, as well.

The new Tales from the Crypt is set to lead a new horror block on TNT this fall. So, it won’t be long until we see if the proposed changes hurt the show, or not.

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