Why Gary Sinise Joined Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has gotten a fairly solid start over on CBS over the last few weeks. While it has taken the team a little while to gel on the series, one character who has been likable from the start is Gary Sinise’s Jack Garrett, the ballsy Senior Supervisory Special Agent and International Chief who heads up the team. Sinise took some time off of acting after his last series, CSI: NY ended its run, and now we’ve learned why he ultimately decided to return to television for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Here’s what the actor had to say in a recent interview:

I had started my Foundation during the last two seasons, and when the show ended, I poured 2-1/2 solid years into nothing but traveling for the military and helping our veterans out. Then, along came [executive producers] Erica Messer and Mark Gordon with an offer to come meet with them to discuss a spinoff of Criminal Minds. I wasn’t sure, because I kind of missed [doing] movies … but with where my life is today, the stability of a TV series fits my lifestyle very well.

Obviously, Gary Sinise had a very successful career in the movies before deciding to star in CSI: NY more than a decade ago. Although movies clearly are a draw to Sinise, as movies give actors the opportunity to try out new characters, film in different locations and get their faces in front of an entirely different sort of audience, ultimately it seems as if his charity work is a bigger part of his life and TV works for that. Gary Sinise went on to tell Zap2It that Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a good fit because of the stability aspect, which he says is “very positive” in regards to his other work. 

If Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders ends up getting picked up by CBS for a second season, there’s a good chance that Gary Sinise will have found the stability he needs, at least for some time in the future. The key is getting picked up for a second season. While Beyond Borders did tick up in the ratings this week, the show did 8 million viewers overall (which is a lot) and a 1.5 rating (which is pretty decent). It’s likely that CBS will decided on whether or not Gary Sinise and Co. will be able to continue the stable TV series gig into the 2016- 2017 TV season. 

Interestingly, CBS has already picked up a slew of shows for next fall, including NCIS, the original Criminal Minds and a slew of other shows. Programs including Beyond Borders, The Catch, Supergirl, CSI:Cyber and more are all still up in the air. The full list of shows that have already been renewed and cancelled can be found here

In addition, you can catch Gary Sinise back on television when new episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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