Why A Top Gear Co-Host Says It Was A Good Thing Clarkson Got Fired

At the time that controversy surrounding Jeremy Clarkson eventually led to the Top Gear host’s firing, the veteran auto drama was at the top of its game. The BBC’s show had done something not a all shows have been able to do: it found global footing and a wide-ranging audience. And then it all ended. However, now Clarkson and his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond are headed to Amazon, and Hammond says the firing has ultimately turned into a good thing for the trio.

We are on the best footing we’ve ever been on to go ahead now and do what we do best. There’s a lot to be done because we will reinvent, do new stuff, and that’s as invigorating as it gets. So what a fantastic challenge.

We don’t know a ton about the new Amazon series yet, but it certainly should allow the three co-hosts to flex their creative muscles and create an intriguing new car show. Part of the reason is that Amazon is shelling out a huge wad of cash to entice the three gentlemen to produce new content. With $250 million spread across 36 episodes, presumably Hammond, May and Clarkson will have leeway to try new things. Though the three guys should be able to “reinvent,” as Hammond puts it, they are bringing along longtime producer Andy Wilman, so there should be some familiarity to the show for longtime fans, as well.

It’s been a few months now since Jeremy Clarkson was fired after an altercation with producer Oisin Tymon got heated when Clarkson punched his co-worker in the face. However, now Top Gear has moved forward, signing on radio host and TV personality Chris Evans to lead the show. And the original Top Gear team has a new project in the works. Hammond tells The Times it is time to move on.

Listen, I’m so reluctant to go there. Let’s move on. Every single party involved learnt, and I’m not going to rattle anybody’s chains.

Obviously things could have potentially been different if they had been handled differently, but as they turned out, Hammond is probably right when he says people learned. People learned and they moved on. Now, Top Gear has moved forward and the former Top Gear team has a new show to look forward to. It all technically worked out—especially for Amazon.

Speaking of, Amazon’s new show featuring Hammond, May and Clarkson is set to premiere on Amazon in 2016. We’ll let you know as soon as the show gets an official title.

Jessica Rawden
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