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Every season new shows hit the airwaves, and every season some of them fall on the chopping block. This season has proven to be something of a slow burn for new shows – with networks unwilling to put floundering shows out of their roster – until now. ABC has become the first network to cancel one of its least popular new shows, as Wicked City is officially on the slab.

Wicked City’s cancellation comes as a result of its incredibly low numbers. The 1980s serial killer series starring Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick simply could never find itself an audience during its short lifespan. Since its premiere, Wicked City had seen a consistent drop in ratings, -- losing roughly 43% of its audience between Week 2 and Week 3 of its run. Instead of persisting with the unpopular show, ABC will instead rerun episodes of Shark Tank in its place – which has to sting a little.

We knew this was coming for quite some time, as the series definitively earned the worst ratings of any new show this fall. This is, to a certain degree, compounded by the fact that we gave the series what could only be described a lukewarm response when we got a chance to see the pilot. Still, Wicked City's failure could have less to do with its content and more to do its placement in the lineup. As Deadline notes: the 10 p.m. Tuesday night time slot has proven to be a death sentence for just about every program that finds itself placed there.

Odds are that you didn’t even watch the show, but you will instantly recognize it for its liberal use of “Tainted Love” in its promos, check it out below:

It’s not as though the network cannot produce quality content – while Wicked City may have failed, ABC has inversely seen immense success with their new FBI drama Quantico. Similarly, the network’s existing programming such as Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder continues to garner big weekly audiences.

While Wicked City has become the first fall 2015 show to receive the ax, networks have shown nearly unprecedented restraint in the practice this season. Despite numerous shows currently floundering – such as ABC’s Blood and Oil, and Fox’s Minority Report – networks have kept these unsuccessful programs running. Wicked City may be the first new show to be cancelled this season, but we can say with utmost certainty that it will not be the last.

It's unfortunate that Wicked City was cancelled. However, if you are looking to add the series to your digital collection, you can check that out here.