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Last season, The X Factor finally began to produce contestants that have made their mark. While last season’s winner Tate Stevens hasn’t done big business, both Emblem 3 and Fifth Harmony have made their marks on YouTube, and the latter has even lined up a touring gig with judge Demi Lovato. Now, Season 2 runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar is also finding success, albeit via a different forum. The 14-year-old star recently filmed an episode for NBC’s long-running procedural, Law & Order: SVU.

Sonenclar announced the news herself on Thursday morning via her Twitter account. THR later confirmed that the girl with the big vocal pipes will play a young woman named Grace. She’ll pop up in the SVU plot as a contestant in a popular singing competition program airing on television, which should be a pretty good fit for the singer. Sonenclar also shared a statement and a picture from her time on the SVU set on Thursday.

While we like to think of Sonenclar as a singer first, she has also acted, appearing on Broadway as the young Cosette in the famed play Les Miserables and in another play that didn’t last called Wonderland. She also popped up in the TV series The Electric Company before making a deep run on The X Factor. Her bold vocals should help her in her SVU TV gig as well, and if you want to see the starlet in action, you should be able to catch her episode on October 30, although that airdate is subject to change.

Interestingly, Sonenclar is not the first The X Factor contestant to pop up in a procedural. Season 1 contestant Astro (aka Brian Bradley) also landed a guest stint on Person of Interest after he appeared on the show. Even if The X Factor isn’t doing as well as American Idol in its heyday (or even Idol, now), roles like these are proof that the reality competition series does open doors for its most prominent contestants, even if those doors aren’t always record contracts.

Sonenclar might be getting the best of both worlds. She’s also currently signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment. If you are looking forward to Sonenclar’s appearance on Law & Order: SVU, you can keep up with new episodes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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