Auditions for The X Factor's second season are underway, with the singing competition series recently visiting Kansas City in search of individuals and group performers with the vocal chops to compete for a record contract. Fox released an interview featuring three of the series' four regular judges, and one stand-in judge that will likely be more familiar to those who watch the U.K. version of the series.

With Demi Lovato and Britney Spears locked in to judge The X Factor, the series has already moved forward in scouting out fresh talent for the series' second season. Unfortunately, we don't get to see all four of them together in this video. While Lovato, L.A. Reid and Spears are on hand to speak about their experiences at the auditions in Kansas City, MO, Simon Cowell is absent. Filling in for the series' star/creator is X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh.

Granted, they may be tired from sitting in a chair listening to people sing for hours and hours, but Spears doesn't seem especially excited about what they've heard so far. And Lovato seems like she might be having a hard time being critical, considering she's still relatively new to the industry too. Hopefully that's something she'll be able to overcome as things continue forward. Of course, this is all just based on an interview. Perhaps Fox will give us a sneak preview at some of their table-time at some point between now and this fall when The X Factor returns for Season 2.

In the meantime, the closest thing we have to that is this photo:

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