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American Dad, one of the other Seth MacFalane television shows, is up next in Ballroom 20. MacFarlane will be back to lead the panel that includes cast members Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes, Rachael MacFarlane, Dee Bradley Baker as well as producers Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman.

2:30 p.m. Starts with a sizzle reel! Be right back!

2:36 The panel is introduced after the psychedelic special footage that basically told the audience how much they love the audience.

2:38 They mention the Christmas episode which will feature Danny Glover as a guest voice. Other guests this year include Nathan Fillion, Will Forte, Rupert Grint, Jon Hamm, Allison Brie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlie Day. And more clips!

2:44 The footage was all over the place. Some really funny stuff, the highlight was probably Roger obsessing with Haley and then boarding a spaceship home. There's also a great scene where Stan is going to jump a cliff in his car but puts on the breaks... to late and falls.

2:47 A cute girl asks why Stan always tries to kill the kids. They tell her that she will understand when she has some.

2:48 The process is similar to a lot of the animated series but the key difference between Dad and the other Mac's is the concentration on story and character.

2:50 How dark will the Christmas episode be this year? Basically they want to go as dark as they can, until it becomes light again. Mac says they will be breaking into fans houses and robbing their presents.

2:52 Ryan Reynolds cameo in Ted. Did you have to pay him? That's the joke, it's fourth wall joke where they have Reynolds but do nothing with him. Mac says, uh, "I think he got paid." Oh, and the best questions are getting signed shirts. He's the first winner.

2:53 After doing a mic-check (and they panelist respond by checking theirs), a kid asks about why the flashbacks of Francine make her such a scum-bag and is that based on anyone's personal experience. That actually makes the panel laugh before Mac responds with, "well, my mom wasn't a porn star."

2:54 Will will get to see Roger's home world this season. Oops. They weren't supposed to say that. "One of the characters will be leaving the planet."

2:56 Viewer Mail episodes? A yes from one of the writers and a no from the other. Hm. Considering how the Family Guy VM eps went, I'd guess not. "A shirt? For that?" Says Grimes.

2:59 Who would you hang out with from the show? "That's a question, everyone take note. Too bad we're out of shirts." Mac says Roger. And does a little impression.

3:00 More movies? Maybe a Ted 2. Mac says he would love to. A blonde kid comes to the mic and Mac says the Hitler Youth really has influence in this room. Two more minute of Nazi jokes and the question is whether Ted was based on a childhood toy. Mac didn't have specific one, just a bunch of great toys like Transformers,. His stuffed dog was eclipsed by Skeletor. And it ends with, "see you at the rally" in a German accent.

3:05 How do they come up with all of Roger's characters? Instead of going hunting for guest stars the writers just make Roger fill that role and it's fun to make Mac do different voices in Roger's voice.

3:06 A first look (hear?) of Rachael MacFarlane (Haley) signing over some more clips. She has a lovely voice. They thank the crowd and reiterate the love. Another funny panel with equal ripping of the fans asking questions as well as each other. American Dad will be back this fall.

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