Check Out American Idol's Luke Bryan Helping A Stranded Motorist With Flat Tire

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There are a ton of stereotypes for the rich and famous out there (think early 2000s Paris Hilton, A Simple Life), but apparently there’s now video evidence that country singer Luke Bryan certainly is a different breed of celebrity who really can do some simple life tasks. The American Idol judge basically became the star of his own little country song when he stopped to help a mother and her two small children who had a flat tire on the side of the road in a small Tennessee town, and I honestly can’t believe the stranded motorist’s luck. 

In any other situation, a flat tire would be a huge bummer and could basically ruin the day, but not when Luke Bryan happens to be passing by. In perfect southern gentleman style, apparently Bryan saw Courtney Potts having car trouble on the side of the road and stopped to help. She took a video of the helpful country star on his hands and knees changing her tire himself and posted it to her Instagram. Needless to say, it went viral; you can check her post out below:

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The video, of course, is backed with a Luke Bryan track called “What Makes You Country”, and it’s apparent that what makes Bryan country is his helpful, gentlemanly nature. It's certainly refreshing to see anyone go out of their way to help someone in a bind, but it hits as a little bit more special when it’s someone who makes the big bucks out in Hollywood now. 

Lovers of country music and Luke Bryan fans are all in the comment section of Courtney Potts' post singing the American Idol judge's praise. It’s safe to say that Bryan has earned some major brownie points, and his reputation as a true country boy lives to see another day as fans are saying they love him even more after seeing his good deed.

It certainly sounds like Blake Shelton has some serious competition for being the best country star-turned-singing competition personality on TV. Shelton has been a coach on The Voice since its very first Season in 2011. Even though Luke Bryan is somewhat of a TV newcomer compared to Shelton, the Voice coach may have to start saving some kittens in trees if he wants to up his southern boy charm to compete. 

Just kidding, I wouldn’t want to start another singing competition rivalry or anything. With American Idol’s 19th Season having already come to a close and crowned a winner, it makes sense that Luke Bryan is taking a little break from Hollywood and is back in the south being a real class act. We can expect him and the other judges back for Season 20 in February of next year.

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