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Law & Order's Dick Wolf Has A New Show On An Unexpected Network

Law & Order and Chicago franchise creator Dick Wolf has a new TV show on the way, and it surprisingly won't be at NBC.

A Major Law And Order Actor Is Popping Up In SVU

The Law and Order franchise has been going strong for nearly 30 years now, and one major actor from the original series is slated to drop by SVU in the new season.

Woman Credits Law & Order For Inspiring Idea To Fake Seizure During A Robbery

A woman's fast thinking and love for crime dramas may have actually saved her life.

Law And Order's Menendez Brothers Spinoff Just Cast A Franchise Star As A Lead

When Law & Order's newest spinoff arrives at NBC, one former franchise star will be back in a lead role.

Check Out Who Will Play Erik Menendez For Law & Order's Newest Spinoff

Law & Order's latest spinoff series will focus on the crazy trial surrounding the Menendez brothers and their parents' brutal murder. Here's who will play one-half of the lead pair.

The 10 TV Shows That Mention Drugs And Alcohol The Most

Over the years television has been a major source for drug and alcohol references in pop culture, and here are the ten shows with the most intoxicating mentions.

A Law And Order Character Is Making A Comeback On Chicago Justice

One notable Law & Order character is going to make a major appearance on Dick Wolf's upcoming Chicago-based legal drama.

Check Out Mariska Hargitay And Christopher Meloni's Adorable Law And Order: SVU Reunion

Law & Order: SVU has been sans Elliot Stabler for quite a few seasons, now, but fans of the long-running NBC series still remember the heydays of the show when the partnership between Stabler and Olivia Benson was a huge highlight of the drama.

Law And Order Creator Has A New Show Coming, Spinoffs Presumed To Follow

Dick Wolf has had a hand in creating some of the most successful TV franchises of all time with Law & Order and the Chicago series. Now, he has a new show in the works, and his magic touch may be enough to create another big hit.

Law And Order's Steven Hill Is Dead At 94

2016 has been a rough year when it comes to famous faces passing away, and showbiz has now lost another performer. Sadly, Steven Hill of Law & Order fame has died.

A New Law & Order Series Is Coming And It Sounds Wild

Mega-producer Dick Wolf has put together quite a few spinoffs for his NBC series over the years, and he's about to give Law & Order its most interesting and trendy offshoot yet.

A Law & Order Character Is Going To Appear In Dick Wolf's New Show

As the creator of some of the most spinoff-ready dramas on TV like Law & Order and Chicago Fire, mega-producer Dick Wolf knows a thing or two about crossovers, and his newest NBC future-hit Chicago Justice will kick off with an appearance from a Law & Order character.

Law And Order Is Getting A Reality Series Because It Has Tried Every Other Spinoff Type

If you take a cursory look at NBC’s programming over the last couple of years, you’ll notice two things: it loves Dick Wolf-produced spinoffs, and it loves airing things live. And now the stars have aligned for both of those aspects to come together in one project.

9 Popular TV Characters That Looked Exactly The Same Years Later

Here are 9 characters from TV’s modern era that retained their core look throughout entire runs of a series. Some of these shows are still on the air, so they could technically introduce some major changes next season, but they probably won’t.

Sam Waterston Wants To Come Back For Law And Order Revival

Law & Order: SVU is one of NBC’s top dramas, 16 years after it hit the airwaves, and the network is understandably keen to revisit the original series, and so is one of Law & Order’s most recognizable faces.

Why Community Lost A Recurring Character In Last Week's Basic Lupine Urology

We at Cinema Blend wanted to allow viewers the proper amount of time to mourn the loss that occurred at the end of last week’s episode of Community since NBC’s comedy paid homage to Law & Order for "Basic Lupine Urology” and one of the recurring characters didn’t make it out of the episode alive. In a pitch perfect conclusion, Professor Kane answered the Dean’s phone to receive the tragic news but what inspired the writers to write-off one of the show’s cult favorites in the first place? Apparently, he was asking for it.

Law & Order Criminal Intent's Courtney B. Vance Joins Revenge

While we have weeks to wait for the next new episode of Revenge, based on the juice tidbits we shared yesterday, the next two episodes will be worth the wait. The same might be said for the episode that follows, if you happen to be a fan of Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Courtney B. Vance. Word is, Vance is set to play a guest role in an upcoming episode of the ABC drama series.

Harry Connick Jr. To Guest Star On Law & Order: SVU

Connick will play executive assistant district attorney David Haden in a multi-episode arch that begins when Haden is assigned to a case with Benson (Hargitay). As generally happens when new partnerships form on procedurals, Haden and Benson are at first wary of one another, but as their relationship warms up, a little romance will begin to brew.

The Original Law And Order May Be Over, But Universal Will Give Fans A Full Series Set

The original Law and Order series has not managed to put out all of the seasons of its hit franchise, yet. Seasons 1-8 and Season 14 are widely available, but the other 11 seasons are only projected. However, that isn’t stopping Universal Studios Home Entertainment from releasing a full series set. Law and Order: The Complete Series will be released on to DVD on November 8th.

Ice-T Locked In For Season 13 Of SVU, Jury Still Out On New Lead

The deal with Ice-T guarantees his return for the next two seasons, if SVU’s new lineup has its act together and can maintain or increase viewership enough to keep from getting canceled

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