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Why Louis C.K. Isn't Interested In More Episodes Of Louie

FX has had a huge hit with Louis C.K.'s comedy Louie. Unfortunately, Louie has been off the air since the end of Season 5, and C.K. has some solid reasons for why he's not particularly interested in a Season 6 at this point.

Louie May Never Return To FX, Here's What We Know

Critically acclaimed FX comedy Louie is currently in limbo, and its return depends pretty much entirely on the willingness of comedian Louie C.K. to return.

Louis C.K. Is Taking A Break From His Show, Get The Details

Louis C.K.’s FX series Louie has been a huge hit for the network. Fans love it, and so does FX. However, it’s looking like both may have to wait for the next season of the show. Louis C.K. is taking a break from the show.

How Smoking Pot Completely Altered Season 5 Of Louie

As Louis C.K. has proven on occasion, his thought process can easily be fallible. For instance, the reason why Season 5 of his FX series Louie received a shortened episode order was the fault of his brain being swayed by the soothing clouds of marijuana.

10 Great TV Comedies You're Probably Not Watching

During the holidays, everyone wants to stay cheery and free from stress and bad moods, but there’s almost always a point when it just gets to be too much. If that happens to you, don’t resort to mountains of happy pills and red wine. (Pass those on to me.) A much better way to add happiness and laughter to your day is catching up on some of the best 2014 comedies that you may not have seen the first time around.

2015 SAG Awards: See The Full List Of TV Nominees Here

The Screen Actors Guild just unleashed its nominees for 2014, and as it usually is with television, most of the nominees are pretty much what you would expect. Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards and Modern Family all cleaned up on nominations.

From Mork To Simon: Robin Williams' TV Roles And Appearances We'll Never Forget

There is no expiration date on any of Williams’ innumerable energetic performances, but we thought now would be a good time to celebrate a selection of his most memorable television roles and appearances. Hop into the egg ship and come along with us, won’t you?

Louie Renewed For Shortened Season 5

Fans of Louis C.K.’s incomparable FX series Louie had to build up their patience in between Season 3 and Season 4, as the comedian took a well-deserved hiatus, not wanting to churn out material he wasn’t proud of. Luckily, we won’t have to suffer through a repeat of that, as Louie has already been picked up for a fifth season set to premiere at some point during Spring 2015.

Louie's So Did The Fat Lady Video: A 'Fat Girl' Has Her Say With An Honest Rant

There are moments in Louis C.K.'s FX comedy series when the show just nails it. And sometimes, the scene isn't even that funny. It's not even trying to be. It's just real. Take last night's "So Did The Fat Lady," which ended with the scene in this video.

20 Comedians Who Need To Play Themselves In Their Own TV Comedies

Here are 20 more comedians (in no particular order) that we think are ready for self-skewing primetime, and the kind of shows we want to see them in. (Note that we tried to avoid people who have already headlined their own series, or those with series currently in development.)

Louie Season 4 Review: Still As Wonderful As Ever

Louis C.K. disappointed fans when he decided to take a brief sabbatical from his FX series Louie, leaving us without the schlubby middle aged mansploits last year. The comedian said he wanted to recharge, and maybe to a degree reinvent the series. So now that we’re on the cusp of Louie’s return, did he achieve any of his goals? To be honest, the first four episodes of the new season are odd to define.

Louis CK Falls Apart In New Louie Season 4 Trailer

With Louie set to return at long last in just a matter of weeks, we're starting to see teasers that reveal actual footage from Louis CK's FX comedy series, which has been on hiatus since Fall of 2012. Based on the new trailer, ominously titled "Dying," Louie's not doing so well. And yet, he still manages to make us laugh.

Louis C.K. Dives Into The East River For This Heartfelt Louie Promo

Personally, I love these spots that don’t rely on borrowed footage from the series itself, as is the norm with most dramas and shows just starting out. Louie is established enough that he doesn’t need to actually give people any jokes, and most of them wouldn’t work as well out of episodic context anyway. I can only sacrifice rubber chickens to the comedy gods he goes purely zany for next season’s ads, like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did with their faux foreign short films.

Louie Teaser Brings Louis CK Back To New York In Time For Season 4

Louie's back! Or so says the teaser for the return of the FX comedy. Technically, Louis CK's comedy won't be back until Monday, May 5, but we're now close enough to the series' official return that Fox has begun teasing it. And what a tease it is. Let's assume that's Louis CK with his back to the camera in the 17-second spot. The Statue of Liberty is in the distance, offering a lovely black-and-white reminder of the setting for Louis CK's comedy series.

Louis C.K. Gets Real In New Saturday Night Live Promos

Louis C.K. is here to save the day with the latest promo videos for his second ever hosting stint on the Good Ship Saturday Night Live. The clips hint that more of that signature Louie style is heading our way. And — at long last! — in his actual, natural accent. Oh yeah, didn’t you know? Louis C.K. is a total Bayou Baby!

Louie Season 4 Premiere Date Set For Early May

It seems like an eternity since Louie's aired new episodes. In the TV-verse, anything more than a year between seasons is kind of an eternity, and Louie's been off the air since September of 2012, so that's an eternity plus like seven months. But the wait is nearly over. We learned earlier this year that the comedy series would be back on the air for its fourth season in May 5.

Louie Officially Returning To FX In May

The latest and greatest of all the recent announcements comes from FX President John Landgraf, who stated the much-anticipated fourth season of C.K.’s critically acclaimed series Louie will officially be back on TV in May. Ever since C.K. first started his hiatus after the third season, the show was expected to make its return right around May, but actually having it confirmed once and for all is really quite excellent.

Top 10 TV Comedies of 2012

Of all the shows that made us laugh this year, some stood out from the crowd. What makes a great comedy may be a matter of personal taste, but in our opinion these series all came out on top this year. From freshman comedies to long-running favorites, these shows kept us in stitches and gave us an escape to look forward to with every new episode. Presented in no particular order, here are TVBlend’s top 10 comedies of 2012.

Breaking Bad, Homeland, And Glee Casts Among The Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominees

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations were announced today, and among the TV casts nominated were Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory.

Louis CK Hosts SNL, Turns Louie Into Lincoln

A professionally funny host isn't required for a funny Saturday Night Live episode, but it certain doesn't hurt. Comedian Louis C.K. proved that last night when he hosted SNL and delivered a number of funny moments, including a great opening monologue that was really more of a stand-up routine than anything else. Check out the highlights ahead, including the director's cut of the Lincoln sketch.

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