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Oh, thank goodness. Louis C.K. is here to save the day with the latest promo videos for his second ever hosting stint on the Good Ship Saturday Night Live. And with cast member Kenan Thompson by his side — and the oh so delightful Sam Smith set to appear as musical guest — the clips hint that more of that signature Louie style is heading our way. (Goodness we're so excited for that show's fourth season return.) Namely, regular human stuff. And — at long last! — in his actual, natural accent. Oh yeah, didn’t you know? Louis C.K. is a total Bayou Baby!

This weekend — March 29 — marks C.K.’s second time hosting the Saturday night sketch show stalwart. But it also marks the first time we’ve ever seen the real, true C.K. (all that other stuff? It’s totally an act): all southern accent and guns blazing. Ha! We’re onto you, Louis. That southern-fried accent was clearly one that cannot be improvised on the spot!

Naturally, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited for C.K.’s return. After all, who could forget his first appearance on the show, which led to one of our favorite SNL sketches, Lincoln (done in the style of C.K.’s FX series):

Of course this reminds us of all the many, many other funny moments from his FX series (which is finally returning! Soon!). And since we know you could use a laugh this morning (who couldn’t?), we’ve compiled our favorites for you, below:

Saturday Night Live airs this Saturday (weird, right? So counterintuitive!), March 29th at 11:30PM on NBC.