Since its earliest days, television has always looked to stand-up comedians to deliver the medium's biggest laughs. That has only slightly changed in recent years, as comics Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson were both driving forces in this millennium’s late night crowd, and the most popular sitcom in modern history is arguably Seinfeld, which along with It’s Garry Shandling’s Show broke the mold on conventional sitcom presentation.

Tonight brings us FX's long-awaited fourth season premiere of mega-popular comic Louis C.K.’s acclaimed series Louie, and Thursday night is host to the second season premiere of IFC’s Maron, from comedian/podcast superstar Marc Maron, and the third season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, a surreal talk show in which Earwolf founder Scott Aukerman and music maestro Reggie Watts largely ignore their guests in the name of silliness. All three shows are distinct, but they share a self-aware faux reality in which the comics play heightened versions of themselves. In that respect, here are 20 more comedians (in no particular order) that we think are ready for self-skewing primetime, and the kind of shows we want to see them in. (Note that we tried to avoid people who have already headlined their own series, or those with series currently in development.)

Aziz Ansari
Where You Know Him Outside of Stand-Up: Parks and Recreation, Human Giant

The Premise: With a stand-up act that plays into pop culture and celebrities, Aziz Ansari's career is ripe for a creative implosion, resulting in a series focused on Ansari coping with the end of Parks and Rec's televised run. He slowly realizes he’s turning into his Parks character Tom Haverford in real life, which leads to serious money problems, a complete mental breakdown, and an abundance of trendy colognes.

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