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Every TV Show Cancelled In 2017 So Far

Just because there are more TV shows than ever doesn't mean that all of those shows are extremely successful and capable of lasting until the end of time. (What show is, really, besides The Simpsons and 60 Minutes?)

Syfy's Krypton Just Cast Classic Superman Villain Brainiac And More

Now we know who will take on Brainiac for his second live-action TV appearance.

One Channel Zero: No-End House Star Answers Some Of The Show's Burning Questions

Still got questions after Channel Zero: No-End House's wild finale? We might just have some answers for you.

What The Hell Was Jules' Story About On Channel Zero: No-End House? Here's What The Creator Told Us

Now that Channel Zero: No-End House is over, we're trying to break down what was going on with Jules.

Dark Matter Could Have Crossed Over With Stargate

Fans were surprised and saddened when Syfy cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons a couple of months ago. This was especially true since the space drama ended on a major cliffhanger, and now we know that the series could have crossed over with another sci-fi franchise: Stargate.

How Ghost Wars Will Give Fans More Than Just Straight-Up Horror, According To One Star

Syfy's Ghost Wars is full of spooky spirits and hallucinations, but star and BSG vet Kandyse McClure told CinemaBlend fans shouldn't only expect horror in future.

Why Channel Zero: No-End House Isn't Just A Gratuitous Horror Show, According To Its Creator

Channel Zero: No-End House is almost here, and creator Nick Antosca shared with CinemaBlend why this show strives for much more than just jump scares.

Superman Prequel Krypton Just Cast Another Badass Comic Hero

Superman's family is coming to the small screen thanks to Syfy's Krypton. We know now that one more DC superhero who will be part of the ensemble.

George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers TV Adaptation Just Took A Big Step Forward

The adaptation of George R.R. Martin's novella Nightflyers is even closer to becoming a series.

Channel Zero: No-End House Review: Syfy's Horror Anthology Remains The Scariest Thing On TV

For anyone that slept on Channel Zero's first season, the Syfy anthology is back with No-End House, and to say that it's scary and disturbing is criminally understating things.

All The Big TV Shows That Were Recently Cancelled

While we're looking forward to all the shows filling up the fall TV schedules, we're sad say goodbye to these recently cancelled show.

Blood Drive Cancelled, No Season 2 At Syfy

Syfy's Grindhouse series has ground to a halt.

Why Dark Matter Really Got Cancelled By Syfy, According To The Creator

Last week, fans of the sci-fi show Dark Matter were surprised to learn that the series wouldn't return for a fourth season on the Syfy network. Now, series creator Joseph Mallozzi has written to the fans of the show to reveal what he believes to be the actual cause of the cancellation.

Killjoys Is Ending On Syfy, But It's Not All Bad News

Killjoys is coming to an end, but there is a silver lining for fans of this Syfy series.

The Top 10 Disaster Movies Ever, According To The Sharknado Franchise's Director

This weekend will usher Sharknado 5 into our lives, and franchise director Anthony C. Ferrante has revealed his Top 10 favorite disaster movies.

What Happened When Donald Trump Was Asked To Play Sharknado's U.S. President

It turns out the Sharknado film series tried to pull a Simpsons by landing Donald Trump as its POTUS. Here's what happened.

Battlestar Galactica Was Originally Going To Be Quite Different

One of the most beloved sci-fi TV series has to be Battlestar Galactica back in 2004. According to showrunner Ron Moore, however, the show could have been very different than what we got.

Krypton Will Include A Ton Of DC Characters And Villains

Syfy is bringing an unexplored chapter of Superman's history to the small screen, and we now know that a ton of DC Comics characters -- good guys and bad guys -- will appear.

Krypton's First Trailer Teases Action And Superman's Home Planet

The first footage for Syfy's Krypton has hit the web, and it's looking really good.

Horror Legend John Carpenter Has Two Spooky TV Shows In The Works

Legendary director John Carpenter has made a bunch of excellent genre films, and now fans of his work will have not one, but two, TV shows of his to get creeped out by.

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