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Why The Blacklist Went With Those Two Big Shocks In The Fall Finale

Well, never one to disappoint, The Blacklist ended its fall run tonight with two major shocks, and now we know why both things had to happen.

The Blacklist Just Delivered A Twist We've Been Waiting For In An Unexpected Way

The Blacklist has delivered some crazy (and bloody) twists throughout Season 5 so far, and the latest episode finally gave us something we've been awaiting for a long time.

The Bloody Way The Blacklist Just Raised The Stakes With The Mysterious Suitcase

The mysterious suitcase has been making the rounds in The Blacklist Season 5. In the latest episode, the suitcase got a certain somebody in A LOT of trouble.

The Blacklist Just Revealed How One Major Character Might Die

The Season 5 premiere of The Blacklist teased the possible death of one huge character. The latest episode just revealed how that possible death might happen.

The Major Blacklist Event That Might Finally Happen In Season 5

Looks like a moment fans of The Blacklist have been teased with could finally happen.

Why The Blacklist Season Premiere Ended On That Bloody Cliffhanger, According To The Creator

The Blacklist kicked off Season 5 with a bang. Or quite a few bangs, actually.

The Blacklist May Have Just Revealed How One Huge Character Is Going To Die

The Blacklist has returned to the airwaves for a brand new season, and the premiere featured a twist that could spell the doom of one major character. Read on for what happened!

Why The Blacklist's Red Is Actually Fine With His Life Being In Shambles In Season 5

Even though Red's life will be upside-down when The Blacklist Season 5 kicks off, don't expect him to be bothered by it.

The Major Struggle The Blacklist's Liz Will Go Through In Season 5

The Blacklist complicated everyone's lives int he Season 4 finale, and the creator has revealed the struggles Liz will deal with as Season 5 begins.

The Blacklist Is Bringing A Fan Favorite Back For Season 5

The Blacklist will be ramping up the suspense now that Red and Liz's true relationship is known, and the show is bringing back an always fun character for Season 5.

The Blacklist Season 5 Reveals First Look At Liz And Tom's Big Reunion

The Blacklist Season 5 is going to bring Tom and Liz back together, but we shouldn't get too comfortable.

The Blacklist's Liz Isn't Happy To Meet Red's Snake Betsy In Exclusive Season 4 Deleted Scene

Remember that episode of The Blacklist where Red had a snake to use as an interrogation tactic? Check out this exclusive deleted scene that shows us what happened next.

The Blacklist Is Adding A Sopranos Star To Season 5

When The Blacklist returns for Season 5, we'll get to see a former Sopranos star and more joining the fun.

The Blacklist Season 5 Is Getting Rid Of One Character

As The Blacklist prepares for its Season 5 premiere, the series has dropped a character with potential from the cast list.

Where Will The Blacklist's Suitcase End Up In Season 5? Here's What The Creator Says

The Season 4 finale of The Blacklist was a game-changer in many ways, not the least of which was the mysterious suitcase. The creator has weighed in on where it will end up.

How Liz's Big Reveal Will Change The Blacklist For Season 5, According To Megan Boone

The Blacklist Season 4 finale finally answered the question that fans have wondered for years. And here's how it'll change things up next season.

NBC's 2017-2018 Fall TV Schedule Announced, Includes This Is Us And Surprising Shake-Ups

NBC's fall schedule is chock-full of your favorites, but some of them have moved to different timeslots.

The Blacklist: Redemption Cancelled, No Season 2 At NBC

While NBC didn't mind giving The Blacklist a new batch of episodes, The Blacklist: Redemption will not see a Season 2.

The Blacklist Renewed For Season 5 At NBC

Break out your best fedora and spend the day sipping the finest of spirits because The Blacklist is heading to Season 5. Here's what we know so far about the new season.

Will The Blacklist Reveal Liz's Father Soon? Here's What The Executive Producer Says

The Blacklist brought Season 4 back to NBC on Thursday night with some huge reveals and surprises hinting at the show's biggest mystery getting solved soon.

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