The Office's Creed Bratton Is The Latest To Speak Out About That Popular Scranton Strangler Fan Theory

Creed Bratton on The Office
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The Office ended nine years ago, but its legacy lives on in syndication and for anyone watching the show with their Peacock subscription. Additionally, fans have kept discussion of it alive through the continuous debate of some of the show’s big mysteries, like the true identity of the Scranton Strangler. Many former cast members have weighed in on the topic over the years, and now actor Creed Bratton is throwing in his two cents. 

Creed Bratton played a fictionalized version of himself on The Office, and while the character was well-liked, some fans believe that he was actually the Scranton Strangler. It appears that the actor also might be someone who believes that theory, as he posted a TikTok that suggested he was indeed the true Scranton Strangler:


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Creed is definitely one of the weirdest people who worked at Dunder Mifflin, and you don’t need to read his blog Creed Thoughts to suspect he’d do something illegal. At the same time, there are a lot of other suspects out there worth considering. There are plenty of folks who think Toby was the true Scranton Strangler, for example, and there’s some fun evidence to back that up. 

As for whether or not Creed Bratton was the Scranton Strangler, he’s not a bad suspect. The Office frequently alluded to Creed doing some shady stuff in his past and maybe even killed the real Creed Bratton. The quote comes from the episode “Crime Aid,” in which Creed reveals a little too much about himself:

No one steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do it disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton.

The Office did eventually solve the mystery of the Scranton Strangler and revealed his identity as George Howard Skub. Of course, many fans will note that Skub was only convicted of the crimes, but Toby served on the jury and even expressed his belief he felt Skub wasn’t the man responsible. The storyline paid off with Skub strangling Toby when he went to visit him in prison, which led Toby to believe he was wrong about Skub’s innocence. Canonically speaking, that’s the end of the discussion, but I prefer to continue speculating that the real Scranton Strangler is still out there somewhere, waiting to strike. 

In fact, it would be great if someday this theory is revisited in the form of a one-off miniseries. I know that I would watch a mockumentary series based on the Scranton Strangler with interviews from The Office characters. It’d be a unique way to reunite the cast, plus solve a much-disputed plot point of the series that fans want more answers for. Now, if only someone would write it, this could be a huge hit!

Anyone looking to binge The Office in search of Scranton Strangler evidence against Creed can do so by streaming the series on Peacock. With the summer approaching, now might be a good time to give it another watch and experience some of the show’s greatest episodes all over again. 

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