The Resident Boss Shares What’s Next For Bruce Greenwood’s Dr. Bell Following His Diagnosis

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Spoilers ahead for the winter premiere of The Resident, “Her Heart.”

Fox medical drama The Resident finally came back from its winter hiatus with an emotional episode. While the episode gave the show another way to honor Nic by way of the recipient of her heart coming into the ER, it also revealed just what is up with Bruce Greenwood’s Dr. Bell. The renowned surgeon has been experiencing some health problems that impeded his ability to do his job, and Conrad did some tests on him in the winter finale to end on a cliffhanger. Some answers came in the winter premiere, and boss Andrew Chapman weighed in on what's next. 

In the winter premiere, Conrad broke the news that Dr. Bell has multiple sclerosis. After Bell gave the news to Jake and Kit, he spoke to Kit one-on-one. He told her that he will be leaving Chastain and Kit, ending his career so to not be a burden. 

Kit and Jake gave Bell some wise words of advice and he seemed a little more at peace with his diagnosis by the end of the hour, but what does it mean for Dr. Bell? Well, executive producer Andrew Chapman had some reassuring news for any fans afraid that this was the beginning of the end of Bruce Greenwood on the show, he clarified to TVLine that the actor is "Absolutely" staying on board. Chapman also shared that there's nothing to worry about with Kit and Bell: 

Yeah, you don’t have to worry about them. They are a rock. They are so lovely together. Jane Leeves and Bruce Greenwood have such a wonderful affinity, in real life and on screen. One of the old truisms is that when you’re an actor, you can never hide your true personality. Your personality comes out on screen. And they just adore each other. They’re both perfectly happily married, and loving toward their own real-life spouses, but on set, they’re this wonderful, fun, teasing, adoring couple, and it just shows. Our audience loves them. It’s such a breath of fresh air to have this older, powerful couple that’s in love and always has each other’s backs. It’s charming.

The medical drama has already experienced a few cast exits over the last year so it's reassuring to know that Bruce Greenwood isn't going anywhere. It does set up a storyline that could take unpredictable turns if Bell's condition declines. But at least fans of KitBell can be hopeful for the future of their relationship since Kit is not one to let go so easily.

Jane Leeves joined The Resident in Season 2 as orthopedic surgeon Kit Voss. Over the next few seasons, her relationship with Dr. Bell grew closer and fans began rooting for them to get together. The sweet romance is definitely a change of pace for Bell, who was once the villain that everyone at Chastain feared and no one liked. His MS diagnosis will be a challenge for the two of them, but it already looks like Kit is proving to Bell that she isn’t letting him go anywhere without any support.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Bell as the season goes on. He still has pounding headaches and it’s likely he won’t be doing surgery for much longer, if at all. It’s nice finally having a diagnosis after waiting weeks for it, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Hopefully Bell will turn out to be okay, but multiple sclerosis is not easy to live with. At least he has the best support system with him, especially Kit and Jake.

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