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Wait, Did NCIS: Los Angeles’ Eric Christian Olsen Just Tease A Grim Fate For A Character And The Show's Cancellation?

The NCIS franchise has been going strong for nearly two decades now. New Orleans is done, but Hawai’i, the newest iteration, is off to a solid start. But now, fans are worried about the future of the NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff. Series star Eric Christian Olsen recently sparked some worried amongst show devotees through a social media post, in which he may or may not have implied that the series is coming to an end. He also seemed to indicate that a character could be on the chopping block.

Eric Christian Olsen, who plays the lovable NCIS investigator Marty Deeks, took to Instagram to celebrate the return of NCIS: Los Angeles following its winter hiatus. The post was not without some questionable hashtags, though. Check out what the actor added to his caption in the post down below:

What's Going On With Kensi In The Midseason Premiere?

The first questionable hashtag that the actor used was #Kensidown. Daniela Ruah plays NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye, who is also married to Olsen’s Deeks. In the midseason premiere, “Lost Soldier Down,” Kensi will be away in Mexico. There's no telling exactly what she'll get into south of the border but, if this hashtag means anything, she could find herself in grave danger.

While Kensi is in Mexico, in reality, Daniela Ruah actually directed the episode. With this, it's not surprising that her character won’t have much of a presence on screen for the upcoming installment. Fingers crossed that Ruah's character isn't really "down" but that Olsen only figuratively used the hashtag to indicate that his on-screen S.O. is not in the episode.

Daniela Ruah on NCIS: Los Angeles

(Image credit: CBS)

Could This Be The Beginning Of The End For NCIS: LA?

The other hashtag that's making fans worried is #thefinalseason, as it implies that Season 13 could be the last one for the show. It should be pointed out that Eric Christian Olsen is known to toy around with his social media followers from time to time, so it’s hard to tell whether he means it or not, since it is a bit cryptic.

Last November, showrunner R. Scott Gemill was actually asked about the possibility of Los Angeles ending after Season 13 and, at the time, he didn’t know. While that was only a couple of months ago, it’s possible things have changed since then. There's no information on when CBS could be making renewal decisions, if the network hasn't already, but one can only hope that fans won't have to wait long to find out the show's future.

NCIS: LA has had quite a run, so it's totally possible that the show could be headed for its conclusion sooner rather than later. And if that does come this year, with 13 seasons under its belt, the series has done pretty well for itself. And should it continue, let's also hope that Kensi is along for the ride.

NCIS: Los Angeles returns from its break tonight at 9 p.m. ET on CBS! And be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring schedule to see what other shows to catch in the new year.

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