A Fan-Favorite Disney World Resort Spot To Watch Fireworks Is Closing For The Summer, But There’s Good News

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom before a fireworks show, then you know just how crazy, and crowded it can be. People stake out a spot hours in advance to get a good look at Cinderella’s Castle, but there are some great spots that allow you to see the fireworks without dealing with crowds of people. Unfortunately, one of them is about to close down for a major renovation.

Narcoossee’s, one of the finer dining establishments at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, is set to close down beginning June 18. While no reopening date has been set Walt Disney World says that when the restaurant reopens later this year, it will do so with “an enhanced table-service experience.” While it’s not exactly clear what that means, it sounds wonderful.

Narcoossee’s is always a great place to eat a meal, but in addition to its fantastic seafood menu, it’s also a perfect place to catch the fireworks show from Magic Kingdom as well as the nightly Electrical Water Pageant that moves through the Seven Seas Lagoon. If you can get a table on the water just as the show is getting ready to begin you might have the absolute best seat in the house. You can’t drink a glass of wine while watching fireworks if you’re inside Magic Kingdom, even if the Disney World theme park is offering alcohol in many other places.

The refurbishment of Narcoossee’s is part of a larger refurbishment of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa that has been ongoing for some time. The resort hotel opened in 1988 and while it has begun to show its age a bit, it’s still one of the more in demand places to stay at Walt Disney World, even though the Grand Floridian has also been the site of tragedy in the past. The hotel was inspired by the iconic Hotel del Coronado in Southern California.

Whether the forthcoming “enhanced” experience at Narcoossee's simply means an updated dining room and a brand new menu, or something more substantial, it will certainly be exciting to see what comes next for this popular dining spot. The restaurant is one of several on property that has a dress code, and while it’s not particularly strict, it certainly brings the experience of dining up a level for those looking for a truly special occasion. 

Walt Disney World is simply so large that between the theme parks and the resorts, there are always going to be a few things that are closed for renovation. For those that may have already booked a trip to Orlando that were looking forward to dining at Narcoossee’s. They’ll be out of luck for the next few months. However, guests will have a lot more choice when in comes to lodging and dining now, as Disney World recently reopened the last hotels that had been previously closed by the pandemic. The new Narcoossee’s will be just one of many new things coming to Walt Disney World this year.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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