Disney World Teases 50th Anniversary Fireworks Music And Now I'm Getting Goosebumps

Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom

There's nothing quite like a day at Walt Disney World, except perhaps a night at Walt Disney World. Seeing the parks lit up at night is a special sort of magic, and the only way to top off a night in the parks is with a nighttime spectacular. Whether it's a fireworks show or something else, it brings your time to a satisfying close, and with Disney World's 50th anniversary only a few weeks away, we're on the verge of some very special new experiences, including the new Enchantment show at Magic Kingdom. Today Disney gave us a sneak peek at the brand new original song that will be part of the show, and it already feels like this one could be a tearjerker.

Written, and co-performed by Grammy winner Philip Lawrence, who is a former Disney cast member. The song is called "You Are The Magic" and even based on this small tease, it feels like it's going to be the perfect song to capture the resort's 50th anniversary. I'm actually getting goosebumps when I hear it. Listening to it when its combined with fireworks and projection effects is likely to be an emotional experience. Check it out below.

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Joining Philip Lawrence is Kayla Alvarez, who is also a former Disney cast member. It seems just right that two former cast members are the ones brining to life a song that will celebrate such a major anniversary within Disney.

Just about everything at Disney World creates diehard fans but one thing people are exceptionally passionate about is the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. There have only been three "main" shows in the park since it opened in 1971. Fantasy in the Sky ran from the park's opening all the way until 2003, when it was replaced by Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams. That show ran until 2017. When it was replaced, a lot of fans were unhappy, as Wishes was deeply loved. However, the new show, Happily Ever After, eventually won over many. Now, that show is nearing its final performance and fans are lamenting its loss.

Disney Enchantment is set to open October 1, on the 50th anniversary of Disney World, and will run for at least the next 18 months, the duration of the celebration. What happens after that is anybody's guess. Some are already hoping Happily Ever After might make a return, considering the show had a comparatively short run in the park, especially considering fireworks didn't run for nearly a year. Of course, 18 months from now there may be a not inconsiderable fan base who is hoping Enchantment hangs around after the anniversary is over.

From what I'm hearing here, it honestly sounds like fans of Happily Ever After will be happy with "You Are The Magic" and the Enchantment fireworks show as a whole. The song has a very similar feel. It's a male/female duet. We can catch some classic Disney references in the lyrics that we hear. Even the tempo of the song itself seems similar, at least in parts.

Whether or not Disney Enchantment becomes your favorite Magic Kingdom fireworks show, it seems like it will be a good one. The song has some real power to it, and when it's combined with the lights and the storytelling, it will likely get an emotional reaction from many of those watching the show. It all starts October 1.

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