Universal Orlando Takes A Break From Trolling Disney To Jokingly Weigh In On The HBO Max Name Change

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Universal Orlando loves to act like one of the largest trolls in the theme park social media circuit, with Disney Parks being one of its favorite targets. However, the snark from this major Florida theme park isn’t limited to merely destinations of rest and relaxation. The East Coast Universal entertainment complex proved that yet again, as it took a break from trolling Disney and planning everything new coming to Universal Orlando to jokingly weigh in on HBO Max’s new name change. 

As the company is wont to do, it took to Twitter with a message that swiftly mocked the Max rebranding that recently took place. Much like several other brands in the know, Universal Studios’ Orlando contingent delivered the following message to all who were willing to hear: 

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 As far as Universal Orlando trolling goes, this is pretty lightweight. It’s not quite like the time Jurassic World’s VelociCoaster was teased to be a massive churro stand, and nor is it the level of the park’s recent dig at Disney World’s changing reservation policy. Rather, it’s the company keeping step with a social media trend that’s sweeping the internet. That being said, it’s still pretty funny and proves that those folks in Florida aren’t just focused on the upcoming Minion mayhem they’re waiting to unleash. 

At the same time, Universal Orlando is still chugging along with those waves of change that are on the horizon. Yes, that includes more details on the upcoming Minions Land, which does make the idea of banana popcorn sound rather tasty. And then there’s the massive Epic Universe expansion that’s being built, which has seen recent rumors surrounding a Fantastic Beasts section indicate that the property is still very much a part of the plans.

Still, with all of that going on, Universal Orlando’s social media team found time to take a quick shot at Warner Bros. Discovery’s new rebranding, and that’s the sort of dedication anyone who follows its presence would expect. But this isn't the only Universal brand that's taking aim at this would-be identity crisis.

In fact, that kind of humor definitely runs in the family, as the Universal-owned streamer Peacock showed not too long ago. Here’s how the streamer contributed to the Max discourse, making a rather more risque implication in the process: 

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If these tweets were theme park events, that last one would be akin to attending Halloween Horror Nights without the kids. In other words, hope that the little ones don't stumble upon that message above without you on hand to explain it. Even then, it's probably going to be a ride.

Events like the approval of Universal Parks’ Frisco, Texas park location being approved bode well for the funsters that keep providing the world with big ticket thrills. While your next visit to any of those theme parks may still be in the planning phase, you can still enjoy the high class snark being thrown at any target this social media burn squad sets its eyes upon.  

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