Walt Disney World Just Made A Big Change To A Magic Kingdom Show, And Fans Have Thoughts

Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom
(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

Walt Disney World is in a constant battle to continue to change and update while also being a place where fans go for nostalgia. The newest change in Magic Kingdom, however, is the rare one that will likely make everybody happy, as the Enchantment fireworks show has now been updated to include more nostalgia. In this case, the show has a new intro that includes 1000% more Walt and Roy Disney. 

When Walt Disney World‘s 50th anniversary celebration began last October it did so with a brand new nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom called Enchantment. While there was a lot to like about the show, many fans complained that the show celebrating an anniversary had basically zero in it about the history of the place celebrating the birthday. That’s now been fixed as Enchantment has a new opening, and it’s beautiful.

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Nearly everybody approves of the change, though the level of enthusiasm for it certainly isn’t all the same. Basically everybody is of the opinion that something like this should have been part of the show from the beginning. Some are just glad that the change is here and all.

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And based on the videos that have been posted from last night’s show, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t great. While it’s only a couple of minutes long, it includes some words from Walt Disney himself, as well as Roy O. Disney’s dedication speech when Walt Disney World opened in 1971. It’s likely going to be emotional for anybody that sees Walt Disney World as an important place.

But even among those that think the new show segment is great, there's frustration that we had to wait a year for it. It’s been almost 11 months since the 50th anniversary celebration began, and while it's scheduled to run into 2023, the actual 50th anniversary is nearly over and this just got here. 

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I’m not sure there’s anybody that thinks that Enchantment was a better show before this addition, but the show is largely seen as lacking among Disney World fans when compared to Happily Ever After, the show which immediately preceded it. Even this new addition isn't enough to change that. Fans of that show are still hoping HEA returns once the 50th anniversary is over. 

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It is a bit weird that a new nighttime spectacular designed to celebrate an anniversary made basically no mention of that anniversary. Instead it was a just a parade of Disney IP. When Disneyland celebrated its 60th anniversary a few years ago it debuted the Disneyland Forever show, which was so popular it was recently brought back to the park, despite 2022 not being a significant anniversary. People may like the changes at Disney World, but they’re not forgetting that they had to be made in the first place because the original show was not up to par. 

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Still, if nothing else the change should help dissuade those who have been afraid that Walt Disney World was considering removing Walt from its name. Walt Disney is as iconic as the theme park that bears his name. There is no attempt going on to forget that.

Dirk Libbey
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