Terrible News For Kevin Owens, Ezekiel Just Dropped Proof He’s Not Elias

Ezekiel speaks to Kevin Owens and denies he's Elias.
(Image credit: WWE)

Can I make a confession? Until today, I’ve shamefully been of the opinion that Kevin Owens was right. When Ezekiel came to the ring during the post-WrestleMania Raw, my first thought was, “It’s Elias!” Even after he explained he was Elias’ brother Ezekiel, I was still, to be honest, pretty skeptical. I mean even as brothers go, these two seemed like spitting images. They could be twins! But it turns out I was wrong to have any doubt.

Today, Ezekiel posted a picture of himself and Elias together. That’s right. The two of them are in the same picture, and you can see both of their faces clearly! No camera tricks here! So, all I can do is admit Kevin Owens and I have been wrong. Ezekiel is, in fact, Elias’ more well-shaven brother. Check out the irrefutable evidence below…

For those of you who have been out of the loop lately, Elias’ brother Ezekiel showed up during a Kevin Owens promo on Raw after ‘Mania. He let the crowd know he’s Elias’ brother, and Owens was having none of it. In the time since, he’s been on a mission to prove Ezekiel is actually Elias. I was right there with him. I was just waiting for Elias to be exposed as a fraud. I figured he was probably hiding out of shame and embarrassment after his feud with Jaxson Ryker went poorly. He probably figured he’d emerge as Ezekiel, and no one would bring up his past. Boy, was I wrong.

But now I have a lot of questions about where Elias is. Clearly he’s out and about if he’s taking pictures with his brother Ezekiel. I’d like to hear from him! He looks like he’s in tremendous shape, and his beard is still as dense and powerful as ever. How amazing would it be to watch the brothers unite and form a tag team? No offense to either The Usos or RK-Bro, but I’d love to see those two try to unify the tag titles. You know they would have sick chemistry. They’d have to after growing up together. Someone on Twitter even mentioned how cool it would be to see the brothers wrestle The Rock and Dwayne Johnson. I agree!

Part of me is worried that Kevin Owens may not accept this picture as proof, especially after his loss at 'Mania. He seems really invested in exposing Ezekiel. There’s a chance he might be one of these haters the picture refers to that will mistakenly think this is a Photoshop illusion. It clearly is not. According to an Instagram comment, Madcap Moss thinks he may have taken it. Who wouldn't trust him? He's a babyface now! Besides, Photoshop hasn’t advanced to the point where you can just crop someone into a picture, but people desperate to believe a lie will find any excuse to cling to it, which is why he's already asked to give poor Ezekiel a lie detector test next week.

Regardless, I want to use this opportunity to formally apologize to Ezekiel. He is absolutely not a more buttoned-up, less musically inclined Elias. He is his own person, who is in no way Elias. The two of them are simply related, and I feel terrible for not accepting Ezekiel’s word immediately. I look forward to watching him get a chance to wrestle and I will be cheering him on with apologies in my heart as he does. 

Mack Rawden
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