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New Dark Phoenix Footage Reveals How Jean Grey Turns Bad

The X-Men franchise is about to take its second shot at adapting the Dark Phoenix story for the big screen. Now we know how it will get started.

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How The X-Men Movies Are Affected By The Disney And Fox Deal, According To Simon Kinberg

Disney and Fox's merger might finally unite most Marvel characters in one shared universe. But how will this affect the upcoming X-Men movies?

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X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg Understands The Gambit Worries

Many hardcore cinephiles and Marvel fans have all but given up on the Gambit movie at this point, and producer Simon Kinberg seems to understand that experience.

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Why Mystique Is Likely To Die In Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is going to feature a big death, and Mystique is looking like the most probable candidate.

Will The New Mutants Be R-Rated? Here’s What The Producer Says

Longstanding X-Men producer Simon Kinberg recently spoke to the upcoming horror/comic book movie's rating.

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This X-Men News Has Us Ready For The MCU To Work Its Magic

There has been a ton of X-Men news this past week, but more than anything it all just makes us excited to see the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dark Phoenix - What We Know So Far About The New X-Men Movie

Looking back, the X-Men franchise was key in the development of the modern comic book movie genre, and 18 years after it started it's as strong as it's ever been.

Looks Like Dark Phoenix Is Being Delayed Again

The next of the main X-Men movies has shifted dates yet again.

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Yes, The Multiple Man Movie Is Still Happening

It's been nearly a year since we learned Multiple Man was in the works, but the project is indeed still being worked on.

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Gambit Will Be A Romantic Comedy, According To The Producer

Simon Kinberg recently updated the fandom about Gambit, revealing the project will have a much different tone than most superhero movies.

X-Men in Movies
An Iconic X-Men Location Has Been Confirmed For Dark Phoenix

This place has been a mainstay in the X-Men comics for years.

X-Men in Movies
How Jessica Chastain's Dark Phoenix Character Is Similar To A Classic X-Men Villain

Jessica Chastain's Dark Phoenix character isn't this particular X-Men villain from the comics, but she does echo them in some ways.

X-Men in Movies
The Dark Phoenix Trailer Is Intense And Powerful

The first preview of the second Dark Phoenix Saga adaptation has finally arrived!

How Marvel Studios Will Be Structured After Disney Takes Over Fox, According To Bob Iger

Both Marvel Studios and Fox have been keeping tight lipped about this possibility, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has recently broken his silence about the merger.

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Why X-Men Star Anna Paquin Probably Won't Reprise Rogue

The star of the original X-Men last appeared in the mutant universe in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Nods At Jean Grey's Return

Reshoots are currently happening on Dark Phoenix, and Simon Kinberg teased Jean's upcoming struggle with a photo from the set.

X-Men in Movies
Ethan Hawke Doesn't Think Logan Is A Great Movie

The Training Day star weighs in on the hype.

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Timing Explains Why Jean Grey Isn't In That Deadpool 2 Cameo

David Leitch has opened up to explain why Jean Grey didn't appear in that hilarious Deadpool 2 X-Men cameo.

X-Men in Movies
Ryan Reynolds Wants Hugh Jackman In A Deadpool Movie But Not As Wolverine

It wouldn't be as Wolverine, but Ryan Reynold is gunning for that Hugh Jackman cameo.

X-Men in Movies
How Deadpool 2 Chose Its Pop Culture References, According To Ryan Reynolds
X-Men in Movies
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