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Curious George Synopsis

Will Ferrell stars as The Man in the Yellow Hat, a gentleman who looks after his pet monkey - an inquisitive and wonderful creature whose enthusiasm often gets the best of him.

I was a big ďCurious GeorgeĒ fanÖ when I was five. So, itís safe to assume that the movie is being marketed to a similar demographic. As it should be.

They havenít bothered with flashy, 3D animation. Instead theyíre going 2D, though theyíve given the movie what appears to be a rather unique looking style. Iím sure the kids will love it. In fact, now they donít even need to bother reading, they can just watch it on TV. Embrace illiteracy young fella.

What Iím wondering is what makes this movie worth putting out in theaters. Is there really that big a Curious George market? I mean, why isnít this a direct to video release? Whatís the deal with all the big name voice talent? Drew Barrymore? Will Ferrell? Thatís heavy hitting. Thatís a better cast than most CGI movies manage, and those actually make money. Maybe thereís more to this movie than there appears to be on the surface. Or maybe Universal just overspent.

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Curious George Release Date
In Theaters February 10, 2006
Curious George Credits
Starring: Drew Barrymore, David Cross, Will Ferrell (The Man in the Yellow Hat), Hailey Noelle Johnson, Eugene Levy, Nadia Lewis, Ed O'Ross, Joan Plowright, Dick Van Dyke
Directed by: Jun Falkenstein
Produced by: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, David Kirschner
MPAA Rating: [ Likely G ]
Distributor: Universal Pictures
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If you've been waiting all this time for a sequel to the Curious George movie starring Will Ferrell, sorry, you've already missed the boat-- it's reboot time
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