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Why Kong: Skull Island Didn't Use The Normal King Kong Love Story
Despite technically being a reboot of the King Kong franchise, Kong: Skull Island decided to forgo one classic aspect that's present in nearly every iteration of King Kong. Find out why.
12 Burning Questions We Have After Watching The Power Rangers Movie
Power Rangers was a fairly solid movie all around, but we couldn't help having some lingering questions when the movie ended. Here are 12 question we have after seeing Power Rangers.
A Guardians of the Galaxy Double Feature Is Coming To Select Theaters
Mega-huge Guardians of the Galaxy fans are in luck! If just watching one Guardians film isn't enough, then fans can catch a special double feature for the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and get some sweet movie swag.
Could The New X-Men TV Show Cover Multiple Timelines? Here's What We Know
So far there's not much known about the X-Men TV pilot outside of a logline, but is this new show going to be in multiple timeline? A casting call may have dropped some interesting hints about the X-Men project.
Which Marvel Trailer Is The Best Of All Time, According To James Gunn
Nothing gets people more jazzed for a movie than a good trailer, and while the MCU has released some great ones, which one is the best? James Gunn shared his personal opinion and no, it's not Guardians of the Galaxy.
How Many Pretty Little Liar Mysteries Will Be Solved By Its Series Finale
Pretty Little Liars is finally wrapping up its seven-season run, but will the show be doing so with a nice bow on all the unanswered questions, or will it leave fans in the dark?
Mark Hamill Posted A Lovely Tribute To Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
Yesterday, the world celebrated the lives of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds with a joyous memorial attended by thousands of friends, family, and fans. Though Mark Hamill was not there is person, he proved he was there in spirit with a touching message.
Which Justice League Member Is The Heart Of The Movie, According To Zack Snyder
The Justice League movie has a cast full of all-star superheroes, but one of them will be the beating heart of this epic team-up. This is who will make you feel the feels, according to director Zack Snyder.
The Insane Amount Of Money Kong: Skull Island Opened To In China
Kong: Skull Island opened to positive results over in the states, and now the film has opened up in foreign markets too. As probably should have been guessed, it's doing really crazy well over in China.
New Alien: Covenant Poster Teases Serious Violence
The Alien franchise has never missed around before when it came to violence so why should this new poster for Alien: Covenant? Check out this absolutely fantastic new poster for Alien: Covenant.
Another Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Is Here, And It’s Just As Charming As The Last
And the posters just keep on coming! After two charming posters, Spider-Man: Homecoming is just trying to outdo itself at this point and has posted the third poster of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood superhero. Check it out.
The Surprising Amount Of Power Rangers Movies That Might Be Headed To Theaters
Power Rangers opened this weekend, and with barely one foot in the door, we're already talking about future of this budding franchise. Saban's already got a plan for future films, with more than just a trilogy in mind.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Features A Fun Easter Egg In Its First Few Shots
Guardians of the Galaxy is infamous for having an impossible to find easter egg but James Gunn promises that the sequel will have at least one easy to spot easter egg right at the beginning. Here are the details.
How Colbert Is Going After The Tonight Show Next
After years on top, The Tonight Show has finally been usurped by Colbert's Late Show, with Colbert winning in the numbers for the last several weeks. New reports claim that Colbert doesn't want to stop there, though.
Colin Farrell May Join Disney’s New Dumbo Movie
Colin Farrell may be in the market for interacting with more fantastic beasts -- only this specific beast happens to be a flying baby elephant. Farrell might be joining the live-action Dumbo, so get all the details.
How David Lynch Kept The Twin Peaks Cast From Dropping Spoilers
Twin Peaks is as high-profile as TV revivals come but we still know almost nothing about it. Well, that's exactly how David Lynch likes it. Here's how he kept the actors from spilling secrets.
The 10 Best Disney Animated Sidekicks, Ranked
Disney has some seriously memorable characters, but now's the time for the sidekicks to take the spotlight. Be they a talking animal or snowman, here is our list of the ranked 10 best Disney sidekicks!
Is Eddie Murphy Working On Coming To America 2?
Coming to America was a film that was released during the heyday of Eddie Murphy's career, but almost 30 years later, could the legendary comedian be planning a sequel? Hit the jump to get all the details.
Why Scream Season 3 Probably Won't Be Anything Like The First Two
MTV's Scream television series was renewed for a Season 3 but the show won't be anything like it was in Seasons 1 and 2. Fans might want to grab that pillow and brace themselves for some potentially terrifying news.
The Crazy Kong: Skull Island Opening That The Studio Shot Down
Kong: Skull Island already had a pretty good opening, but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' original pitch would have been one hell of a way to kick that movie off. Hit the jump to learn about the ditched opening.
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