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Toy Story Apparently Has A Shockingly Complex Backstory For Woody

The origins of Woody are a mystery, but now someone has revealed everything about where the cowboy doll came from before he met Andy. In true Pixar fashion, it's complex, brilliant, and really depressing.

Wonder Woman Actor Confirms A Major Character Twist

The supporting characters are hardly the focus of Wonder Woman, but it looks like a major twist involving one of these guys was hiding under our noses the entire time. Hit the jump to learn more.

The Crazy Way The Han Solo Movie's Original Directors Could Control Ron Howard's Version

The Han Solo movie suffered a massive shakeup this week with the firing of its original directors, but thanks to a weirdo loophole via the Director's Guild, Phil Lord and Chris Miller may have more control than we thought.

The One Thing That Hurt Power Rangers' Success Most, According To The Director

Power Rangers wasn't quite the success that it was intended to be, with plans for a sequel seemingly on hold. Director Dean Israelite thinks this one thing is what held the movie back.

Why All Eyez On Me Was Just Hit With A Lawsuit

All Eyez on Me isn't doing too favorably with critics or people who actually knew Tupac, and the film just got hit with its latest obstacle: a lawsuit. Hit the jump for all the details.

The Car Bumblebee Will Probably Turn Into In His Transformers Spinoff

With an all-new spinoff comes an all-new look for Bumblebee. The slightly smaller-than-average Transformer will likely use this car as his disguise for his upcoming spinoff movie.

Vanessa Bayer Has Landed Her First Post-SNL Gig

Vanessa Bayer may no longer be gracing Saturday Night Live with her hilarious presence, but the actress has moved on and already has her next gig lined up.

Could An OC Reunion Happen? Here’s What One Star Said

With all the remakes, reboots, and reunions popping up these days, is The O.C. next in line to return to TV screens? Here's what Rachel Bilson had to say about The O.C. coming back.

Why Pat Morita Had To Audition For Mr. Miyagi In The Karate Kid 5 Times

It's hard to picture anyone else in the role of Mr. Miyagi, but Pat Morita was forced to audition a whopping five times before he got the part.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Got Fired From Predator In The Most Van Damme Way Possible

Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally supposed to play the lethal alien hunter in Predator, but he was fired from the movie basically because he was Van Damme-ing too much. Get the details ahead.

Justice League Cast List: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains

Justice League is packed with superheroes, villains, and everything in between. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to help keep track of every character confirmed to be in Justice League.

Watch This Adorable 8-Year-Old Interview Steve Carell For Despicable Me 3

It's hard for the Despicable Me series to get any cuter than it already is, but wait until you watch this eight-year-old interview the stars of the movie. Adorbable to the max, people.

Could A Kim Possible Reboot Happen? Here's What The Star Says

Disney is no stranger to rebooting it's older TV shows, so how good are the chances for Kim Possible to come back? One actor reveals whether they've been called or beeped about a potential reboot.

M. Night Shyamalan's Latest Update On Glass Is Super Cryptic

M. Night Shyamalan's next movie Glass will combine the characters of Unbreakable and Split, and we're chomping at the bits for an update. Leave it to Shyamalan to make an update as cryptic as possible.

Drake And Josh Are In A Feud, And It's Ugly

We're sorry to have to tell you this, early 2000's Nickelodeon fans, but apparently Drake and Josh are no longer on speaking terms. Hit the jump after a quick cry to learn what's going on.

New Game Of Thrones Quiz Will Kill You Off If You Mess Up

Are you a Game of Thrones trivia master? Then test your mettle against this quiz where even one wrong answer reveals to you how you're going to die...on the show, that is.

James McAvoy Confirmed His Return For X-Men: Dark Phoenix In The Best Way Possible

After keeping everyone waiting, James McAvoy is officially joining X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the actor has personally confirmed his involved with a spot on video on social media. Check it out.

Westworld Creator Trolls Fans With Season Two Premiere Title

Westworld took the world by storm when it first premiered, and while we (somewhat) patiently wait for news on the second season, the show's creator is busy trolling fans on Reddit.

Ryan Reynolds Shared A Deadpool 2 Image, And It’s Perfect

Deadpool 2 has officially begun filming and star Ryan Reynolds has kicked things off by sharing a new photo from the set. Hit to jump to officially begin the Deadpool 2 hype train.

Ray Donovan's Season 5 Trailer Is Full Of Mystery And Susan Sarandon

Ray Donovan is back, and there sure as hell aren't any shortage of problems that need fixing. Watch the trailer for Season 5 of Ray Donovan, now with 100% more Susan Sarandon.

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