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How Gotham's Penguin Will Change After Being Shot

Before Gotham went on hiatus, the Penguin found himself lodged with a bullet courtesy of Edward Nigma. Turns out getting shot can change a man, and this is what we can expect from Oswald when Gotham comes back.

Avatar 2 Has Another New Release Date But This Time So Do All The Sequels

James Cameron has one ambition plan for the future of the Avatar series. The director has a whopping four sequels planned and now we know when each one will be hitting theaters. Hit the jump to save the date(s).

Happy Days Star Erin Moran Has Died At 56

Happy Days star and former sitcom actress Erin Moran has passed away. She was 56 and best remembered for her role on the beloved sitcom Happy Days as Joanie Cunningham.

Michael Fassbender Reveals The Differences Between His Covenant and Prometheus Characters

Apparently, one creepy Michael Fassbender android just isn't enough for Alien: Covenant. Fassbender plays two android characters in the film but with very distinct personalities, according to the actor.

Star Wars: Watch Rosario Dawson Campaign To Play Ahsoka In Live-Action

If Ahsoka Tano ever comes to live action, Rosario Dawson wants to be first on the list for actors to portray her. Check out Dawson campaign to play the character during an appearance on Good Morning America.

What That Deleted Fast 8 Scene Between The Rock And Jason Statham Was About

Supposedly, a "tag" scene for The Fate of the Furious was cut that would have set up a Hobbs and Shaw spinoff. Vin Diesel reportedly ended up cutting that scene at the last minute, but now we know what that scene would have entailed.

Ricky Martin's Footloose On Lip Sync Battle Is Better Than The Remake

Ricky Martin squared off against Kate Upon on a recent episode of Lip Sync Battle, where his performance to the classic title track from Footloose would make Kevin Bacon a little jealous.

David Hasselhoff's Guardians 2 Song Is Here, And It's Hofftastic

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack is already pretty lit, but this original song featuring David Hasselhoff makes it into a full-on blaze. Hit the jump to listen to the song and get transported into the eighties.

One Simpsons Fan Puts A Classic Bart Prank To The Test, Watch What Happens

Bart Simpson is known for the endless amount of pranks he's pulled in the almost 30 years he's been a 10-year-old. One fan decided to put one of these pranks to the test in real-life and, thankfully, he filmed the whole thing.

Star Wars' Gray Jedi: Who They Are And Why They're Important

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been dropping hints that it's finally bringing Gray Jedi into the fold. With that in mind, here's a refresher on what exactly is a Gray Jedi and why it's important to know going forward.

What Star Wars' Journal Of The Whills Are And Why They'll Be Really Important

The most mysterious element of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer may end up being integral to the future of Star Wars. It's time to dig in deep to the Journal of the Whills, the most important and apparently only book in Star Wars.

Is Fast And Furious Laying The Foundation For The Next Generation Of Drivers?

The Fate of the Furious is destroying at the box office. With more films in the series an inevitability, Universal may already be laying the groundwork for the future of the franchise. Even Dom can't drive when he's 90, which is why it might be time for the kids to take over.

9 Marvel Heroes Who Could Be Big Players In Marvel's Phase 4

James Gunn is returning to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and is promising to help set up characters that will become big players in the future of the MCU. Because we can't just wait for Phase 4 to arrive, here are nine characters we think could be potentially big players.

Star Wars: When We'll Finally Know What Happened To Captain Phasma After The Force Awakens

In the quest to redeem Captain Phasma in the eyes of fans, Captain Phasma's fate will finally be revealed soon.

The Wild Amount Of Money The Fate Of The Furious Is Making Internationally

It was inevitable, but The Fate of the Furious is having a massive opening weekend. It's on the verge of breaking some big records, and audiences overseas are responding to this fast cars in a big way.

The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer Is Epic And Action Packed

The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer is here! Hit the jump to see what's in store for the Ghost crew, as they make their final stand against the empire in this action-packed trailer.

Why Simmons May Not Be Able To Save Fitz On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., According To The Showrunners

The Framework has provided some real compelling storylines on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., letting characters play altered twisted versions of themselves. The new Fitz is one cold customer, but is there any hope for redemption?

The Big Problem Finn Will Face In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

When we last left Finn, he was suffering from a serious spine injury, but healing might be the last of his problems in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hit the jump to find out what problems await Finn.

The 9 Funniest Moments From The Fate Of The Furious

You're usually guaranteed at least two things that begin with an "F" in a Fast and Furious movie, but The Fate of the Furious offered a third: funny. This might be the funniest Fast and Furious movie, and here are some of the standout jokes of the film.

Outsiders Cancelled, No Season 3 At WGN America

Bad news, fans of mountain folk culture. WGN America has officially canceled Outsiders and it will not be getting a Season 3 with the network. Not all hope is lost though, so hit the jump for the details.

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