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What The Rock Could Look Like As Black Adam

As of now, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is working on at least 7 different projects at any given time, but the one we are still waiting for more news from is DCEU's Shazam movie. Johnson has been attached to the film for some time now to play as the DC supervillain Black Adam, but next to nothing is known about the film or how it fits into the grander scheme of the DCEU. While we wait for that news, here's some fan art to hold us over, depicting what Johnson would look like as the classic character.

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This fan art comes courtesy of artist George Evangelista, and it's pretty fantastic. It's a spot-on depiction of Dwayne Johnson as the character, with very little changed from how Black Adam looks on the comic book page. It just goes to show that Johnson, if nothing else, can totally nail the look of the supervillain. Hopefully, this just makes more people even hungrier to learn SOMETHING about when Black Adam will finally hit movie screens.

An interest in Shazam was re-sparked thanks to an Instagram post of Johnson and Superman actor Henry Cavill getting together for drinks, with a caption promising a future fight between Black Adam and Superman. The world immediately said "yes please," bringing renewed interest to a mostly forgotten project. How this fight will happen or in what movie it will happen is anyone's guess, but it doesn't feel like it'll happen until after the Shazam movie in 2019.

To better comparison, here is a picture of what Black Adam looks like in the comics. Subtract all the lightning, and that's a pretty close likeness to Johnson.

Black Adam

It can't be understated how little we know about Shazam. The film was first announced years ago when Warner Bros. was still figuring out their shared universe of DC superheroes. They are presumably still figuring that out, and the future of what to expect post Justice League is unknown. Johnson was previously rumored to be up for a role in a DC film where the character was strong enough to fight Superman. Eventually, it was announced that that character was Black Adam and he would make his debut in a Shazam movie.

More details about Shazam are bound to come out in the near future, such as a director or lead actor so stick with CinemaBlend for more updates. Shazam is currently scheduled to hit movie theaters on April 5, 2019.

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