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Ben Affleck's Rep Responds To Casey Affleck's Comments About The Batman

Casey Affleck dropped a huge bombshell about his brother's future as Batman a few days ago, and now Ben Affleck's reps have finally stepped in to address those remarks.

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How Batman Is Changing In Justice League, According To Ben Affleck

Justice League will change the DCEU in some pretty substantial ways, and according to Ben Affleck, Batman is one character who will go through a massive transformation.

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Ben Affleck Not Doing The Batman? Casey Affleck Might Have Dropped A Bombshell

There's been a lot of rumbling about whether or not Ben Affleck will return as Batman for the Caped Crusader's solo movie, and Casey Affleck may have dropped a big reveal concerning this.

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Justice League Gives Best Look Yet At Batman's Flying Fox Plane

One of the new vehicles Batman will break out in Justice League is called The Flying Fox, and we have our best look yet at this new aircraft.

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The Batman Vs. Two-Face Trailer Teases Adam West's Final Adventure As The Caped Crusader

The trailer for Batman vs. Two-Face, the animated movie that doubles as Adam West's final Batman project, has dropped. Check it out!

Watch The Dark Knight’s Speech, Dubbed With Kevin Conroy’s Iconic Batman Voice

Kevin Conroy delivers Christian Bale's epic speech from The Dark Knight, and once again proves that he may actually be the definitive Batman.

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Why The Batman Movie Should Keep Deathstroke As Its Villain

It remains unclear whether or not Deathstroke will be the main antagonist in The Batman, but we've come up with some good reasons why he should retain that position.

Upcoming DC Comics Movies: Justice League And More

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has built up their cinematic universe with some of the most popular movies being produced in Hollywood, but DC Comics and Warner Bros. are in the midst of creating something huge and competitive.

Is Deathstroke Still In The Batman? Here’s What Joe Manganiello Says

Joe Manganiello provided a response on whether or not we can still expect to see Deathstroke in The Batman.

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DC Has Revealed Its New Movies Slate, And It Looks Incredible

Warner Bros has been slowly adding movies to the DCEU, and now we finally have a new official slate of what's arriving in the coming years.

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Ben Affleck Just Responded To The All The Batman Rumors

Ben Affleck has finally responded to the rumors swirling around for months about whether or not he'll leave Batman behind.

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The Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Scene That Was Too Graphic For The Studio

DC legend Bruce Timm recently revealed that a scene from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm had to be changed because it was too violent. Here's what he had to say.

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Who Voiced The Joker Before Mark Hamill Won The Role

Mark Hamill is iconic for his portrayal of the animated Joker, but it seems that another iconic actor was originally supposed to play the role in Batman: The Animated Series.

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Ben Affleck's Batman Future May Be In Doubt

Affleck has appeared in two DC Comics movies - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad - and later this year he will star in his third, Justice League. Unfortunately, however, new reports are suggesting that the upcoming Zack Snyder film may be one of Affleck's final turns playing the Caped Crusader.

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Justice League Costumes Revealed At Comic-Con, And They Look Badass

Now that we've seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, the summer season of major brand comic book blockbusters is over -- but there's still plenty more to come in 2017.

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The Batman Villain Aubrey Plaza Wants To Play

After playing a villain in FX's Legion, Aubrey Plaza is ready to play a certain iconic Batman villainess.

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What The DCEU’s Nightwing Needs To Have, According To The Director

The Nightwing movie is currently set to be helmed by The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay, and he recently opened up about what he'll need from the film's leading actor.

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Does Matt Reeves' Batman Movie Spell Trouble For Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke?

The latest Batman movie update from director Matt Reeves has us concerned about the future of Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke.

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6 Batman Questions We Hope Matt Reeves And Ben Affleck Answer

Ahead of the release of the upcoming solo Batman movie, these are the six major questions that Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck will need to answer.

How Gotham Will Introduce Batman In Season 4

Gotham capped off Season 3 with Bruce Wayne in a very familiar pose, and now the actor is hinting at how Batman will start to appear in Season 4.

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