Rocko's Modern Life Gets DVD Release From Shout! Factory

By Jessica Grabert 2011-04-08 07:10:16
I donít usually subscribe to any ďproud to be geekĒ thought, but pretty much any time Shout! Factory announces a new product, I totally get it. The companyís newest release will be '90s Nickelodeon favorite Rockoís Modern Life: Season One, which will hit DVD on June 21st. Season one originally appeared back in 1993, and featured a ton of familiar voice actors, including Carlos Alazraqui and Tom Kenny, who may be best known for voicing SpongeBob.

This is the first time any seasons of Rockoís Modern Life have appeared on DVD. So far, no special features have been announced, and itís unlikely any are coming, as extras arenít usually part of any Shout! Factory release. I wouldnít worry, though. A copy of the product will run you $19.93 (good one, Shout! Factory), so special features really shouldnít be expected.

Rockoís Modern Life initially aired on Nickelodeon, and like other Nick alums, Iím guessing the bizarre material will hold up well. If you never watched the show in the '90s, you should try now. Itís the first-rate story of a wallaby named Rocko who enjoys spending time with his two equally absurd best friends, Heffer White the agreeable cow and Filburt the mopey turtle, as they encounter strange experiences in their beloved O-Town. If, for some odd reason, my opinion isnít enough to get your on board, the series also won a Daytime Emmy Award. So there.
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