Just last week I was complaining about the sudden halt of rumors, speculation, and leaked information (whether official or unofficial) for “Cloverfield” aka “1-18-08” aka “J.J. Abrams has us all waiting in rapt anticipation.” Well, it seems there has been some information out there of sorts after all. You just have to be patient to find it.

Rope of Silicon reports that the official website for the untitled project, http://www.1-18-08.com has an audio component we previously were unaware of. If you leave your browser window open on the site for approximately six minutes, you’ll get to hear the roar of the creature – a rather terrifying sound. Who knows how long the sound effect has been there, although I swear I’ve heard it before and just didn’t realize that’s where it was coming from. I guess that teaches me to keep so many windows and tabs open at once.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the site, there hasn’t been a new image in a little while, but just a reminder that you can flip the pictures over and read text on the back of some of them by “grabbing” the picture and flipping your cursor up and down quickly. I know we’ve posted that before, but at least once a week we get a reminder from some reader who missed us talk about it.

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