Director Michael Mann is set to release his big screen adaptation of the hot 80's television show "Miami Vice" next summer. Universal Studios announced that the movie will hit theatres July 28, 2006.

Being Miami and all, it would seem to be the perfect place for a slightly older, now retired Crockett and Tubbs (who would be played by the slightly older and now retired Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas) to move into retirement villas and start up careers as private investigators by day, and Golden Girl escorts by night. No such angle though. Colin Farrell and Academy Award © Nominee Jamie Foxx (sounds kind of funny to say that about a guy starring in an 80's TV movie adaptation) will be playing the famous Floridian duo.

No word yet on whether or not Colin and Jamie will be sporting cool pastel t-shirts, wrinkly sports coats or crazy exotic birds.

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