Without enough credit for even a small hit of spf40, Michael Jackson, slumber party Boogie Man, is being sued by a Beverly Hills pharmacy for non-payment of a six-figure debt. For Jacko, “take as directed” allegedly means greeting the delivery guy at the door.

Having made “repeated requests for payment” the Mickey Fine Pharmacy is suing the de-Gloved One in Santa Monica Superior Court for $101,926.66 for non-payment of bills. But as of Saturday afternoon, a spokesman for Jackson says the bill has now been paid. “The issue has been amicably resolved,” said the spokesman, “Mickey Fine has been paid.”

The pharmacy, known for making its deliveries on motorcycle had an oral agreement with the long-abdicated Prince of Pop for any prescriptions filled. Jackson stopped making payments in mid-2005. In addition to court costs the pharmacy is also requesting “other relief” hopefully in an attempt to regain some sense in realizing that being rich and infamous are not grounds for instant credit approval.

What a relief to know that he still has someone left to blame for his woes and troubles. In December, Jackson filed court documents claiming accountants Bernstein, Fox, Whitman, Goldman and Sloan have mismanaged his financial affairs and completely screwed up another opportunity for free home delivery.

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