NCSoft is currently running a contest that allows gamers to identify and personify a new character for Tabula Rasa. It’s easy: based on the provided picture, what is the character’s name and what’s his backstory? While you ponder on those mind-bending questions, you can check out the newly released screenshots of Tabula Rasa.

As many of you know, there’s only good things to be said about Tabula Rasa here at CB Games. Featuring real-time intense battles and revolutionary MMORPG elements, this game is set to break standards and usher in a new breed of online interactive gaming. And what better way to psyche gamers up for TR than with a little community contest? If you already have an idea of the name and story for the guy in the picture, then you can head on over to the Official Contest Webpage.

According to the press release, “Once you are happy with the name and backstory you have drafted and perfecte, email or mail us your entry respectively in .txt, .doc or .rtf format or typed on one or several A4 (8.5" x 11") pieces of paper. Only one name and backstory entry per person will be accepted.”

Further details included in the release stated that...“All submissions will be judged equally on the following criteria: originality, creativity, quality and presentation (bad spelling/grammar will work against you so make sure to spell-check your work). There is a maximum word limit set at 1000 words so make it compelling!”

All righty, now you have up until August 5th to get your story and name for the John Doe’ish soldier. That’s when the contest ends. So while you think up a good, detailed story for our nameless soldier up there in right hand corner of the screen, you can check out some concept art for Tabula Rasa below. Enjoy.

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