So I figured Thursday would be a light night in terms of TV drama. I planned to watch the season finales of ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘The Office’. I expected to get my chuckle on and then make it an early night. Instead, ‘The Office’ ends with an unexpected twist leaving me with no other choice than to release my excitement by scrambling to get the laptop open so I could write this brief but gushy report.

Jim finally mans up and makes his move on Pam - Pam, who looked particularly beautiful under the lights in the parking lot outside Dunder Mifflin, attempts to make small talk with Jim. We are made to think that this will be just another dance between the two obviously smitten colleagues. You know the dance. The one where they flirt by pretending not to flirt? This is usually followed by Pam mentioning something about the wedding and Jim mumbling something back. But tonight is different. Instead Jim, fresh from his conversation with Jan about a possible transfer, decides to throw caution to the wind by telling Pam how he feels. “I’m in love with you”. Couldn’t get any more straight-forward than that! Pam responds with a half-hearted remark about the importance of their friendship, trying to let him down easy because its clear she was not prepared for this confrontation. Later we see Pam on the phone with her mother inside the dark office, she seems pretty confused and overwhelmed by what just happened.

Jim comes in and Pam gets off the phone. He doesn’t say anything and the way he’s looking at her just makes me think “How can she prefer that meathead of a fiancé over this guy?!”. Then he kisses her. She kisses back and that’s the end of season 2 of 'The Office'.

This is the best kind of drama. The sexual tension that’s been building up for two seasons finally erupts into the perfect first-kiss moment.

How will season 3 pick up? Will Pam leave her fiancé? Will she and Jim be involved in some secret but extremely passionate affair? Or was the kiss a one-shot deal and sexual tension has been replaced with a series of weird looks and awkward silences between the two? Should we assume that the show will continue to follow a similar path of the BBC version of The Office? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Side drama – how sad was it when Jan tossed her overnight bag onto the backseat of her car?

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